There is a light in you which cannot die. Your life is a sublime expression of this light to the degree you are willing to listen to your own soul’s loving guidance.
World peace is created by our inner peace.
The less distortion you have inside your heart and head, the more quickly you manifest everything – including heaven on earth.
As we become 100% responsible for our own emotional states we become powerful creator beings.
Our goal in EFT is to drop towards ourselves, our memories, fears, and judgments with empathy. This is the opposite of what we’ve been conditioned to do.
You are dealing with your past for the sole purpose of healing it; and thus graduating from ever having to repeat it again.
To heal we must stop arguing with reality and apply empathy to what is and what was.
EFT operates on 3 levels simultaneously, mind, body and Spirit. Activating this natural trinity accelerates profoundly rapid healing.
EFT neutralizes emotional pain, clears negative thoughts and gives you the energy to live out new choices.
Tapping dissolves the tangled up stuff we have all inherited from our educations, our families and from our society.
Tapping literally discharges stored and trapped emotions which have kept you in cycles of fear, pain and overwhelm.
There is a light in you which can not die, your life is a sublime expression of that to the extent you are willing to follow your own souls loving guidance.
World peace is created by inner peace.
Its time to heal the past. That was based on a previous version of You, one who did not understand love and so made judgments against you.
If you can breathe and tap, you can bring yourself back to life!
Inner beauty creates lasting physical beauty.
Tapping restores the balance and restores the harmony. It restores the living intelligent system that you call your body.
Chose relentlessly to bring love into the equation. Love for you, for it, love for them, love for the future, the past, it doesn’t matter. Spread it around liberally, get it on everything.
To heal we must stop arguing with reality NOW, and apply empathy to what is and what was.
How am I creating my life (even subconsciously and accidentally) by my own past expectations?
Let love in, it heals you and cleans you out on its way through.
When we are 100% emotionally responsible for our own experience, then we become creator beings, instead of victims.
EFT operates on three principles simultaneously — mind, body and spirit. It is this trinity that activates such rapid healing.
You’re learning how to create unconditional love, empathy, acceptance and forgiveness for what has been. This, in turn, neutralizes the hurt and gives you freedom to re-create and make new choices.
Tapping releases and discharges the excess stored energy that’s kept you in pain and overwhelm.
The more you let in the love, the more you actually have to distribute.
This is a transmutation process, the energy of love does the cleanup work and you simply become a vehicle for that.
You are way bigger than your sweet little mind can understand. And you’re way more brilliant than your limitations will tell you.
As the criticism and the fear is tapped away, all that is left is that part that is truly you, at home in this universe.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
EFT helps you clear pain by tapping on acupuncture meridians.

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