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Attention Millennials:

We have a plan to change the world, and you’ll get to try it out during this episode of the Positive Head podcast.

A greater tomorrow is not only possible… We can create it with our own two hands right now.

Listen in, Tap along, and get lit up from the inside out!

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[00:03:09] Brandon Beachum: Alright. Oh, you positive heads. Welcome. Welcome. Here we grow again. We are kicking off this magical Monday in proper style with the lovely Sonya Sophia by my side to steer the ship.

Sonya, hello. How are you?

[00:03:38] Sonya Sophia: Hi Brandon. Thank you so much for having me back. I’m thrilled to be here.

[00:03:43] Brandon Beachum: I am thrilled as always to have you and, yeah, we’ve been, we’ve been tag teaming these co-hosts, episodes for quite a while now. What is it, years, right? Gosh. Time flies when you’re having fun and a time [00:04:00] flies when you are helping to change the world and growing and expanding.

And you’re definitely been doing a lot of that. And we’re going to, we’re going to talk about some of the exciting, growth that’s happening in your world in 2020. You know, I don’t know exactly when, you know, when I do have these guests on, I always like to let you guys steer to some degree. And so what, what are you feeling most called to start chatting about today?

I know we talked about a few different things.

[00:04:28] Sonya Sophia: What I want to talk about is: how to support the next generation. The people who are in their late twenties, in their thirties, the people who are being handed the stewardship of this world now and in the next 10 years. What it feels like to them to be handed a world that’s broken and on fire and say, here, you guys, sorry about the mess.

[00:04:56] Brandon Beachum: Sorry about the mess. We’re going to go, we’re going to cross into the next dimension now. And,

[00:05:03] Sonya Sophia: You know, handling, handling it off to the millennials, who are. Kind of ill-equipped and unprepared, burdened with student debt, pretty distracted, maybe not given really good information in school because a lot of the things that were true weren’t being taught and—

[00:05:25] Brandon Beachum: Hold on.

You mean Columbus wasn’t the first person to ever find America?

[00:05:29] Sonya Sophia: Oh my gosh.

So there’s this sense of depression and anxiety, and also just a very strong desire to check out and also to zoom in and say, you know what? If this whole thing is going to like heck, you know, what do you do? If you feel like you’ve only got a few years left on planet earth to do anything? You focus on just having pleasure and having as much fun as you can and just kinda, you know, not taking it too seriously, but.

What I want to do is give people hope and encourage them and say, look, we can and are turning this around and it’s going to take everyone shift that thinking and the trauma that this society has been based on. 

[00:06:22] Brandon Beachum: Right.

[00:06:23] Sonya Sophia: You know, generations have been handed sexism, racism, all this cultural conditioning. What is possible for people in this socio-economical, you know, category? What’s possible for people who look like that or come from this area geographically? And none of that’s true.

So it’s a revolution in consciousness. And as we change what we believe, then we change how we feel, and how we respond, and what we do.

[00:06:55] Brandon Beachum: Yeah. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change as Wayne Dyer used to say. And yeah. You know, for me, maybe it’s my eternal optimism. I view it as, yes, there is a lot of things screwy on this planet right now, and there’s a lot to be excited about and developments and, you know, new ways to clean the ocean that are coming up, new, you know, ways to, to generate free energy or, you know, there’s just, you know, Oh, so-and-so, you know, this country just planted 10 million trees in an afternoon or whatever. I mean, there’s so much goodness out there too.

And I feel like, you know, the thing that’s most important for people to hone in on as they look at the world, and especially those out there listening who are super empathic and can get, you know, we, we all know those people who feel really challenged, particularly we all feel challenged to varying degrees by what things that are happening, right?

But there’s some people who just like. You know, are weeping about, you know, in feeling empathically, you know, mother earth and the pain that’s associated around the world. And, we all have different levels of sensitivity and ways that we sort of relate to the world. And I think for those people, especially who are really feeling, feeling it intensely is to, to the narrative and story we tell around all of this is crucial and telling the story that, okay, there can’t be a redemption. We can’t, you know, millennials or even that generation behind millennials can’t have the opportunity, the experience of setting things right if things aren’t wrong to begin with, or broken rather, you know? And so I think that there’s a, there’s a setup at play here that we all will do well to draw our attention to.

And that is that even all of this screwy-ness on the planet, it’s, it’s by divine design. It has to, you can’t. You know, can’t [00:09:00] fix something that ain’t broken. And if your soul wants to have the experience of, you know, cleaning things up and setting things right, then you know, there, there has to be a space for that to happen.

And there is definitely space for a lot of that to transpire. You know, think about it like a million years from now. I’m sure there will always be challenges, but you know, you get to the point where it’s like, you know, your work is. People I’m sure can relate to this, who their whole life have looked to accomplish a particular job or aim, and then they achieve that aim.

And then it’s like, okay, now what is my purpose? You know? And so I think that’s a really important thing too. As we, we, you know, shape this story in our minds and in our hearts that behind all of this dysfunction and disruption on the planet, it is all happening for love.

[00:09:53] Sonya Sophia: It is all happening for love.

And as you know, Brandon, Love is the answer. And the challenge is like, well, how do I take that out of a quote and turn it into my actual experience of living? How do I learn how to like mainline love and give myself the love, the encouragement, the self- respect, the boundaries, the practices, the courage, the resiliency emotionally.

To stay on track and to take advantage of all these opportunities. You know, cause the glass half full or the glass half empty is also the glass half full. It’s like, well, what am I going to do with what is here? How do I take something that needs, there’s all these, you know, niches for improvement.

And that’s what’s exciting. It’s like, okay, take any part of the world that you’re inspired to connect with, whether that be creating more conscious- positive music, or creating a new form of education, or designing buildings, or creating better ways to produce goods and services. You know, there’s just every system needs to be modified and upgraded and turned into something beautiful and creative and functional and flowing and sustainable.

So, you know, we have our work cut out for us. And my role is to help people stay focused, stay connected to the flow of love, learn how to generate that flow of love. You know? So I’ve built this thing that you always hear me talking about on this show, the world tapping circle, which basically helps you hold space for love in your life and in yourself.

So we’re holding space for love together and love is actually doing the work. And when you bring your pain, you bring your fear, you bring your memories, you bring the past, you bring your bloodline, your ancestral trauma, that we’re all processing for our mothers and our grandparents. When you bring that into coherence into a state of love, and you get your body to connect with that.

The healing is exponential, and it moves generations of fear and conditioning and programming out of your body, out of your mind, out of your heart, out of your thoughts and out of this world. So suddenly we’re not responding to the old, you know, archetypes anymore of what’s normal and what’s been done and what’s simply not done.

Suddenly we have, we’re free to think outside of the box for free to build outside of the box, and we’re interacting as a collective collaborating. Instead of competing.

[00:12:48] Brandon Beachum: Yeah. That’s the key is, is collaboration over competition is the future of this planet. And you know, the other thing that was coming up for me when you were talking, just speaking about all that is. 

You know, when things can seem overwhelming, which I think a lot of the problems on the planet can seem overwhelming to people. And, you know, one of the greatest lessons in the last year for me has been, of course expanding, has been expanding. Into not only the show with optimistic, which you know, we’ve been recording for many months now and are as of now planning to release on March 1st every week thereafter.

And it’s been such a buildup to get there and so much feeling of, I can relate it because it’s like, it’s been somewhat overwhelming at time. Moving into the mystic manner where you’ve been here and seeing how much energy is moving through this place, and hosting retreats and shooting a show and doing, still doing the podcast and all the other things that go along with managing all the business aspects of it.

And it’s so much. And what it’s done in a way is break me down in a good way where it’s like, okay, there’s so much to do and accomplish and I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed and surrender into a state of trust that. I’m going to be shown maybe not how to get from a to Z, but how to get from a to B, and then from B to C and then C to D.

And that’s all I need to know. And so I think when you apply that to the any overwhelming task, but you know, it’s, it’s caused me to move into so much more of a state of flow and trust and surrender. And what’s happened is I’ve done that as, Oh, what I should do yet next to contribute to the overall, you know.

Wellbeing of the, the project at hand, is going to be shown to me next. And I think we can apply that same principle to, okay, especially those that are, feel super called to help make a difference, healing the planet in some way. And I think all of us, ultimately, our highest excitement is going to come, you know, like I always constantly say, Gandhi said, if you want to find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.

And I add to that, why is that? Why does that hold true? Because there are no others. So if in service to the planet and to everyone else out there. You’re gonna, you’re gonna find some great fulfillment there and it’s a lot. And you don’t have to do, you know, bite off everything at once. Rome wasn’t built in a day, that whole thing.

And just getting into that flow state of trust and saying, okay, you know, higher self,  source, universe, show me what I can do next. And I don’t know it all now, but I’m going to, I’m going to start down the path and really, really move into a state of trust and in knowing that love is there with me every step of the way. 

[00:15:44] Sonya Sophia: That’s true, Brandon. And that state of trust is easier for some people to access than others. Other people have had their trust broken. Other people have been abandoned, betrayed, felt like they can’t trust themselves because they’ve made themselves promises and broke those promises. So there’s, there’s that trust, which is where we want to go, but there’s this processing piece where you need to learn to process the grudge, process, the traumatic memory process, the broken promise, so that you can come back into alignment with what that next step is. Sometimes people don’t even want to get still and calm enough to do the little meditation too. Open their hearts to ask to pray, to listen in and hear what the next step is because they already have so much fear around how much time it will take.

Will they mess it up? What will people think of them? How much money will it take? How hard will it be? So the nervous system tends to shut down around being able to trust or even take the baby steps. So there’s a baby- baby step so that we can stay connected to the trust. And take the next step, which is  processing and cleaning out the emotional body is key. So your emotional body is the interface between the truth inside you and your ability to deliver it. Consistently, and then finally to experience the results and, you know, celebrate that success. So, as I’ve been looking at this, you know, for, I want to say thousands of years… As I’ve been looking at this and practicing and growing and maturing and evolving and helping so many other people do the same. I thought, well, what would happen if I created a global experiment where I could get 10,000 people? Which is the square root of 1%, approximately, of the population with a few thousand extra added on for good measure. 

Utilizing the Maharishi effect, which, you know, was a study done. And if you look up my Maharishi effect, you’ll find this study that they did where they got thousands of people to practice meditation all at once. In Washington, DC and they reduced the crime rate and reduced majorly, majorly.

[00:18:24] Brandon Beachum: Yeah. And I remember I saw the, the chief of police said, but at the outset of this experiment, they asked him, interviewed him about it, and he said, look, if these people think they’re going to meditate and reduce the crime rate in DC, in…

Mid-summer, they’re crazy. It would take a snow storm, to reduce it by whatever. I forget what it was. If something significant, like 30% or something,

[00:18:47] Sonya Sophia: 27%.

[00:18:48] Brandon Beachum: 27%. And so, and, and then lo and behold, because they knew, because they’d done this multiple times before about where it would come in percentage wise, and sure enough, they did.

And you know, the chief of police. Uh, you know, had to like, realize like, wow, okay, so it doesn’t just take snow. We can, we can shift the collective field the other way.

[00:19:11] Sonya Sophia: So, yeah. So I thought to myself, okay, if we can get 10,000 people to activate the flow of love and to come into a more peaceful, meditative, aligned state, and we can do this for.

A week, what would happen to the world if these people weren’t just focusing in one little area like Washington, DC but what would happen if we were spread out all over the world? How would that change the energetic environment? How would that change people’s lives and their communities? And, and then if those same people.

Started telling more people like, Hey, I feel better and I’m doing my part by participating, cleaning up my own connection to the universe and holding this loving space for myself. It’s making my body feel better. It’s making my head work better. It’s actually sharpening my IQ and opening my heart. And what if we built a platform where that could happen on a regular basis, not just a random study, but we could do this every week together, right?

So I raised a bunch of money. I spent five years building out the world, tapping circle, testing it, making sure that it was effective, creating all the technological upgrades as technology in the web has changed so much over the five years, trained a team of people practiced three or 400 times leading it, and today, there is a website that you can sign up on to join the project called 10,000 Tapping, and I put it on your positive head page a couple of days ago, Brad. Then— 

[00:20:56] Brandon Beachum: On the Positive Head Facebook group, by the way, just to clarify, and if you’re not there now, you know it’s there right.

[00:21:06] Sonya Sophia: Yeah, Positive Head’s Facebook group.

And then I also put it on Brandon’s world, tapping circle.com, forward slash positive head, which is a place where Brendan and I have collaborated to help people, um, at a very reduced rate practice. Um, EFT tapping, which is what I’m an expert in. So you’ll find that again on Facebook, the Positive Heads. Or you’ll find it at worldtappingcircle.com forward slash positive head, a link to sign up for this free project called 10,000 Tapping.

So my goal positive heads is to call you into direct action and to create an act of Supreme rebellion. By changing this world from inside of you, this one little piece of the world that you’re in charge of, your thoughts, your feelings, your life that you’re organizing, and when we all clean up our own backyard, this place is going to get clean and beautiful and shiny and healthy.

[00:22:08] Brandon Beachum: Yes, I’m super exciting. What a super ambitious, exciting project that you’ve taken on. And if anyone can do it, you can. And just to be clear, you know, with this guys, it’s free to participate. And what I would encourage is if you’re going to be a part of it. Then, you know, go on and share the video out there as well.

Cause obviously getting, that, you know, it’s, it’s like the hundredth monkey effect is really what you’re talking about here. And, you know, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the hundredth monkey, it’s like supposedly in, I think the 70s, there was a doctor who studied some monkeys on an island.

And one of them started washing, I think it was like a sweet potato or something in the water so that they didn’t eat the dirt with it. And then the other solve this and realize, Oh, this is smart. They started doing the same thing. No one had ever observed this happening before. All of a sudden, at the same time, on a whole other Island that, you know, they were not connected.

Once enough monkeys on the first Island started doing it, it spread to other islands. With these monkeys. And so it was like, oh, hold on. There’s a collective consciousness here, and this is like this. This knowledge is spreading. And so this is the same kind of thing that you’re talking about, you know, getting enough people together to work on the same, you know, energetic alignment, all everything, starting with healing ourselves.

So intelligent. And I think tying it together with tapping is such a great way to do it. So, and, and for those who have never heard Sonia on before, so new, you’re actually going to give us a little example, a taster of how, how tapping works, right?

[00:23:52] Sonya Sophia: I definitely am. And I’m going to give you a taster from the tap.

I’m going to lead on day one. So for 10,000 Tapping, during the course of the week, you’re going to get a tap on a different subject each day. So on day one, we’re going to do The Invincible Heart of Love. So this is a tap for love and relationships. And I’m going to give you a little mini-tap that fits into that theme right now.

Let’s do it. Okay. So what I want you to do is take your fingers, find your collarbones drop down three or four inches from your collarbones and gently massage the front of your chest, feeling around for a sore spot, a spot that feels a little more tender, somewhere in your upper pictorial region. And when you gently rub that spot, it gets your left and right brain to synchronize and opens up your emotional body so that you can have access to this old information.

So as you massage that point, I want you to think about a relationship. It could be a romantic relationship. It can be a relationship with someone in your family or a friend or a business associate, but any relationship where you’re feeling that you have a little struggle or disconnection, maybe you’re having pain or problems in that relationship.

Okay, so massaging there. And we’re going to begin to talk and tap. Okay, so just saying what I say, remembering that you can change the words as you need to better describe your own situation. Massaging the front of the chest. Big, deep breath.

Repeat after me, even though I’m having an issue with, and then say that person’s name.

I’m open to loving and accepting myself. Tapping the eyebrows, right at the beginning of the eyebrow, right where your eyebrow first start, and or both eyebrows. This relationship with, and then say their name again. So, this relationship with… Johnny.

Tapping four or five times there and moving to your temples, tapping at the edge of the eye socket, the side of your head. Big, deep breath. Say it again. This relationship with… and say their name again and breathe. 

Tapping the front of your cheekbones. Tuning into that relationship. How does it make you feel when you think about relating to that person? And just acknowledge out loud, I feel what? How intense is that? Like, I feel intense disgust. I feel intense fear, I feel… What do you feel when you think about talking to them? 

Tapping under the nose, this feeling of, and say that same feeling again. Tapping under the nose and above the lips. This feeling of… maybe it’s anxiety. Big, deep breath.

Tapping under the lips. Say it again. This feeling of…

And tapping down to the chest, a big circle around the front of the chest, tuning into that feeling that comes up inside you. When you think about connecting with this person now, as you’re tapping the chest, I want you to think about a time when that person’s experience with you and your experience with them didn’t go so well that left this residue. For example, the last time I talked to them, they put me down.

So tap the chest and just acknowledge what’s there for you, what memories are coming up when you think about them that feel less than wonderful. Tapping all over the front of the chest, and breathe.

Tap from top down to the bottom of the front of the ribs. I’m open to loving and accepting myself even though… there was a time when I was talking to… and say their name again.

And they said… and what did they say specifically to you? Or what did they imply? For example, they said my work wasn’t good enough; or they said I wasn’t invited. Whatever it is, say exactly what it is that you think they said. As you tap and breathe.

Let’s say it three or four times. For example, they said, I wasn’t invited. They said I wasn’t invited. They said I wasn’t invited. Tapping the front of the ribs, repeating this again and again as you tap.

Now you’re going to tap the side of your ribs, nipple height, side seam of the body. When I heard this, so repeat after me. When I heard this, I felt, and how did you feel? Like un-included, less than unimportant. Embarrassed. How did you feel? Big, deep breath. 

Now flip your hand toward the sky and tap the inside of the wrist across the wrist line. There’s a little bone on the inside of your wrist. If you move your hand back and forth, you’ll feel this bone moving. Tap on that bone and breathe on the inside of your wrist. I accept this remaining feeling of, and just for now, I want you to accept whatever that feeling was that happened when you had this interaction that left you feeling that way.

I accept this feeling of embarrassment, for example, or I accept this feeling of anger. Big, deep breath, tuning into the essence. Remembering that moment.

And just acknowledging and accepting for now, the residue left from that interaction. Now put your hands like you’re going to karate chop something. Looking down at your thumb, tapping at the edge of your thumb right at the side of your thumbnail. This remaining feeling of, and then say what still there.

For example, this remaining feeling of anger.

Tap the index finger in the same place. You’re just going to stair-step down side of the finger, right next to the finger. Now, top edge of your finger, your hand is still in the karate chop position. Big deep breath. Tapping, tuning in again to that remaining feeling. See if you can still recall that feeling.

And breathing, tapping the middle finger, same feeling, same finger tuning in. Again, it’s probably getting harder for you to connect with this feeling because what’s happening is as we’re bringing our attention and acceptance to that interaction, it’s actually finishing processing it so that your nervous system isn’t left in a traumatized condition.

So if this isn’t working for you, you’ll know it because it’s getting harder to remember that interaction, harder to care about that uncomfortable feeling, and probably feeling a little more neutral towards this person. Now you’re going to tap the bottom edge of the fourth finger. So flip it around and tap the bottom of your fourth finger, but to the side that would touch your pinky if you put your hands together.

So big, deep breath tapping on this Meridian point, giving yourself the experience. A reprogramming your expectations around this relationship. So we’re going to say out loud, I’m open to the possibility of feeling at peace and in my power around… and say this person’s name and tap your little finger, back to the original edge.

So with your hands in the karate chop position, you’re going to tap the top edge of your little finger right at the side of the finger. Now I’m allowing myself to feel peaceful and calm, connected to my heart and relaxed around and say this person’s name again. Tap the bottom edge of your hand. If you were going to karate chop something, this is where the karate chop would land.

Even if it still seems impossible for me to feel supported, calm, and relaxed around this person, I’m open to the possibility of being able to stay in my center. And know what to do. Big, deep breath. Now tap the top of the head. I’m allowing myself to release any remaining stress that comes up. When I think about, now, think about your person again. This person you have a relationship with, and I want you to tune in and see if it feels different than it did.

You know, five minutes ago when we started this little exercise, notice how you’re feeling.

[00:34:53] Brandon Beachum: I already feel better.

[00:34:56] Sonya Sophia: I would love to hear in the Facebook group, if you’re in the Facebook group, your experience with today’s podcast. My goal is to get a bunch of people to really understand what’s possible.

It’s kind of like The Wizard of Oz. It’s like you had the power to return home all along. All you have to do is click your heels together, say these magic words. So it’s like, well, you know the power to heal these things. They don’t have to stick in your consciousness. You can shift your consciousness and get right back into alignment with yourself and open your heart and move yourself forward.

All you have to do is tap these points and say some magic loving words, meaning you’re acknowledging the truth of your experience. You’re giving yourself some empathy. And what’s interesting, Brandon, is that the brain doesn’t know the difference between love coming towards it from an external source, like from someone else or love that you’re generating for yourself.

[00:35:59] Brandon Beachum: Interesting. And you know what? I have a good friend who is a doctor, and he is, was telling me that, like, he, I think, I believe it was Kaiser. He’s working with who’s now allocating resources to, you know, treating trauma. And he’s like, the funny thing is, is they have no idea. Like they’re, they’re trying to understand.

So actually he might be, you might be a good person for, I should connect you two, now that I think about it.

[00:36:25] Sonya Sophia: Yeah. I would love to support that. I want to say that Kaiser is one of the insurance companies that is, I think they’re doing a copay for EFT sessions because it’s so effective for PTSD. 

[00:36:37] Brandon Beachum: Oh, wow. 

[00:36:39] Sonya Sophia: That’s great. Yeah.

[00:36:41] Brandon Beachum: Super cool. Well, yeah, times are a changing and, you know, I so applaud you doing the work that you’re doing out on the leading edge. You’ve been at it for many, many years, and you know, I know a lot of, you know, where I first you were, you and I first met at Burning Man, and you know, the amount of people that would show up for your tapping workshops.

And really with this 10,000 Tapping, you’re sort of mirroring a lot of what you do in those workshops, just sort of virtually right?

[00:37:13] Sonya Sophia: Yeah, well Brandon, you know, I got this idea when I was out there in Black Rock City tapping with all those dust bunnies out there. How can I bring this to people who can’t be here with us?

And I thought, well, if I recreate some of these same themes that are so attractive to people and I put them out online in a Livestream. And I make it free. Maybe the world can come and experience this. So, I’ll give you guys a sneak peek. Day one, we’re doing Invincible, Heart of Love. Day two, we’re doing Pumping Up Prosperity, A Tap to Manifest Financial Flow.

Day three, we’re Accelerating Health and Healing to help people regenerate their bodies, minds, and hearts. Day four is a tap for people who are parenting people or pets. It’s for teachers, parents, and caregivers. Day five is the Power of Personal Peace, a tap to build emotional resiliency. Day six is called Love It into Existence. 

This is a really cool tap to help people learn how to form the future by bringing the power of thought and energy and emotional alignment to manifestation, which is really the secret to manifesting things is to getting the mental and emotional body in alignment so that you feel safe to bring that in.

And day seven is, you know, my big favorite, which is Divine Purpose—a tap to ignite your reason for being so that you can really figure out why you came to this world and what you’re here to do, and get on with it.

[00:39:02] Brandon Beachum: Beautiful. That’s going to be absolutely amazing. And once again, guys, if you are feeling the call to participate, you can, you’ll see the video in the positive head’s Facebook group.

Or you can also go to World Tapping Circle dot com forward slash positive head. It’s there as well and share it out, and let’s see if we can get 20,000 people.

[00:39:28] Sonya Sophia: My platform is stable at 20,000. And we built it out in case more people came. And I want you guys to know that even if you can’t do the live stream with us, you will be sent the video and people will be tapping around the clock for that whole week ‘cause we’re all in different time zones.

So don’t think that you’re doing it by yourself. If you’re doing the replay, you will be joined with people all over the planet doing this. And those videos are yours to keep for the rest of your life. I’m not going to charge people for them. I’m not going to put a scarcity like limited time only. It’s like, no, you guys, let’s do this!

Let’s do the work. Let’s change our world. Let’s help each other grow, and let’s evolve our species and reclaim this planet for love.

[00:40:11] Brandon Beachum: Beautiful. Beautiful. Well, Sonya, this has been absolutely amazing as always, thank you for coming and helping to steer the ship today and super excited to continue to watch how this all unfolds and participate in it. 

And, yeah. With that being said, do you have a DJ, Sonya Sophia? Do you have a track queued up for us today?

[00:40:33] Sonya Sophia: Indeed, I do. I am a closet DJ and this is one of my favorite bands. This is a band called Ma Muse, and their song is “The Power of Kindness” and this is a very uplifting tune. So thank you again, Brandon.

I adore you. I love the work you’re doing. I’m happy to be with you moving this movement of positivity forward.

[00:41:00] Brandon Beachum: Likewise, my dear friend. And all of you out there listening, thank you as always, love you all so, so much. Here is Ma Muse with “The Power of Kindness.” And if you’re feeling the call to come for a week, retreat-style, Mystic Manner immersion, remember to go now and book your time to speak with me directly about stepping into the optimistic vortex at Calendly dot com forward slash talk with Brandon while they’re still spots left.

Otherwise, I look forward to co-creating magic with you at the Mystic Manner. 


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