Case Histories

Letting Go of Trauma, Fear and Anxiety

I started going to Sonya Sophia Illig in February of 2009. I had recently survived a very traumatic event. My first healing session with Sonya Sophia was very transformative. I found more release and relief from one session with Sonya than from all the weekly 8 months...

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Overcoming Depression

When I met Sonya Sophia, I was severely depressed and suicidal. I attended a weekend workshop in San Francisco and immediately I could see the benefit of her healing modalities. I signed up for a 6 months coaching program in Chico CA, and that not only helped lift my...

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Practitioner Training

My BURNING MAN 2024 EFT Workshops

👁 Mystic Metamorphosis

Dust off default. Strip down to your INSTINCTUAL Self. Learn to TRUST the ILLUMINATED path before you with new friends who share this POTENT magic!

Monday 8/26 2-4pm

Camp Mystic 2:00@HYPNOTIC


Want to feel LOVE? Learn EFT to REGENERATE emotional CONNECTION. Feel your shiny new HEART COME ALIVE! Leave RADIANT & READY to PLAY wholeheartedly!

Tuesday 8/27 2-4pm

Location: Camp Mystic 2:00@HYPNOTIC


Get GOOD with your SEXUAL self! Learn EFT, to navigate authentic feelings. Leave LOVING and ACCEPTING your natural sexual self so others can too!

Wednesday: 8/28 2:00-4:00pm

Location: Camp Mystic 2:00@HYPNOTIC

🌎 Tapping Into Tomorrow’s World

Anchor skills for navigating the future with EFT. Come to IGNITE POWER and ALIGN PURPOSE to ENHANCE your ability to THRIVE.

Friday 8/30 1-2pm


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