Recommended EFT Practitioners

Johna Goldenflame

For over a decade, Johna has applied EFT to her own personal healing journey. Experiencing complete relief from severe PTSD, among numerous other results that seemed to   be miraculous, led her to taking on an intensive study of EFT. She became certified as an Advanced EFT Practitioner in 2007 and has completed numerous trainings and certifications through Gary Craig, founder of The Emotional Freedom Technique, and Sonya Sophia Illig, Master Practitioner and founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts.

I invite you to try this powerful technique. I know what it is like to feel broken and completely uncertain about the possibility or your own healing. Trust me, you are here to live full on in your own unique and vibrant self-expression. It is completely available and you are worthy of your own time and attention! And, you will begin to experience results during your very first session! How do you want to be in this lifetime?  I had to make that journey myself and now I am honored to have been able to assist many others in doing the same. Let’s move you quickly into a place where love, courage, and fulfillment is your actual day-to-day reality.”

My expertise focuses on issues around releasing depression, healing trauma from sexual and physical violence, healing pain from abusive childhoods, women’s issues, as well as general emotional and creative support for adults and young people who are navigating unconventional life paths.

My mission is to provide a safe, nonjudgemental environment to assist others in cultivating inner peace, emotional strength, a profound experience of beauty, and personal power. I offer EFT sessions in person in San Francisco or online via Skype.

Call me for a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit. I have a great discount for active participants in The World Tapping Circle!

Johna Goldenflame, Advanced EFT Practitioner


To schedule a session:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 415-746-9662


Mayah Hegre is a master EFT Teacher and Practitioner who is deeply passionate about holistic health and spreading the magic of EFT in the world.

Mayah has been carefully refining her EFT skills and assisting Ms. Sonya Sophia for almost a decade. As former Co-owner/Director of the Sophia Healing Center and with 15+ years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Mayah’s background is in promoting peace through health, community activation, and self love.

Mayah’s patient loving presence and personal experience with chronic illness make her a wonderful practitioner for those at their most vulnerable times. Ms. Mayah Hegre, is currently available to lead group and private EFT circles in the SF Bay Area.

“Through practicing EFT for the past eight years, I’ve recovered my physical health, healed the traumas that had been piling up without relief for so long, and brought myself back to life. Today, I’m choosing to use my healing gifts to help others move through their trauma and heal their relationships. Now, it’s time to help the world. I can’t think of anything better to do during this time of great change than to help people connect with their meaning and purpose, align with their higher truth and step out into the world with their full power.”

Mayah Hegre, BA, LMT and Certified Holistic Health Coach

Web site:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 415-946-9475

What Jennifer enjoys most is watching people fall in love with life.  She has studied & worked in the Healing Arts for 14 years, specializing in EFT for over 8 years.

She’s praised for her deep presence, which brings clarity, awareness & compassion.

Originally from Scotland, for the last 14 years she’s been living between Asia, Europe & the Americas.  She gives EFT sessions & teaches workshops all over the world as she travels.  She adores watching people’s faces light up as they release painful memories & fall in love with Life.

Jennifer is a master at discovering core issues, hiding beneath everyday problems & can assist you in transforming blocks, to feel deeply happy with who you are.

Jennifer Harmony, Master Level EFT Practitioner

[email protected]

Dillon McNeal discovered EFT seven years ago when he met Sonya Sophia. He instantly fell in love with the results Tapping delivered. While studying material from Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, he pursued extensive training with The Sophia School of Living Arts. Dillon designed a series of free wellness classes for students at Butte Community College. He has taught EFT to over 600 students for stress relief, test anxiety and other survival skills. He lives and works on an organic, CSA farm supplying natural foods and sustainable farming practices to his local community.

“I am passionate about clearing past events that are preventing you from stepping forward in life. I will Tap with you on whatever issues you want to release and help you upgrade your experience of Life. I look forward to being your ally!”

Dillon has applied EFT to healing a variety of issues from stress, traumas, PTSD and abuse to simply cultivating a more peaceful presence and meditative attitude. He offers EFT sessions in person in Chico, California or via Skype.

Dillon McNeal, Advanced EFT Practitioner


To schedule a session:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 530-680-0399


Finn Deerhart, Advanced EFT Practitioner in San Francisco CA. has 8 years of EFT experience. He successfully completed EFT training with Sonya Sophia and The Sophia School of Living Arts. Finn has applied Tapping to help himself and others process old mental and physical clutter masquerading as reality.

I love Tapping because of its simplicity and rapid effect on the bodies and minds of my clients. With this tool, I easily liberate myself from outdated images and beliefs that stand in the way of personal greatness. I have used Tapping to clear religious abuse and to process physical pain and emotional angst. I love to use EFT in my coaching to help clients learn the practice of Tapping to heal relationships, create new emotional patterns and anchor new lifestyle changes.”

Finn Deerhart, EFT Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer


To schedule a session:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 512-785-4341

Harry2Harry Werber is the founder of, a site dedicated to helping people live their lives based on passion and purpose. Harry is a technology geek, an adventurer in consciousness, a world-traveler, and an English scholar. Originally from the UK, he now lives with his wife in Seattle.

“As an EFT practitioner and coach I thrive in helping others connect with their inner strength and intuition and I specialize in issues around money, business performance, and public speaking.”

When Harry isn’t tapping, he can often be found walking in the woods, riding my beloved single-speed bike, or playing tennis.

New clients are welcome to book a free 30-minute consultation online.

Harry Werber, Advanced EFT Practitioner and Life Coach

Twitter: @harrywerber



To schedule a session:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 206 353 7613


Kirsten Elise Young is a deeply emphatic artist and healer dedicated to clearing individual and collective planetary pain. After discovering Meridian Tapping during an existential crisis in Guatemala in 2008, she later dove into advanced studies with EFT Master Sonya Sophia in California and Italy. Kirsten now leads group and individual programs to help clients find the courage to get clear about their next steps towards fully embodying their soul’s purpose and helps them align their life with their “big yes.”

“I specialize in helping those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, jealousy, decision making and creative blocks and I  find supreme satisfaction in witnessing deep healing and miracles as clients transform their lives in beautiful, lasting ways. The beauty of tapping comes the healing journey of uncovering the hidden gems that have been buried inside each of us. It’s deep within that our true power, gifts and talents reside.”

Kirsten offers EFT sessions in person in Davis, California or via Skype. Come explore the possibility of working together by booking a free 30 min. phone consultation – let’s see if we are good a fit!

Kirsten Elise Young, Advanced EFT Practitioner


To schedule a free phone consultation:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 530 902 3714

Michael_Profile_WoodsMichael Zeligs is a full-time recording artist, voice teacher, and EFT facilitator based in Sonoma County, California. As a recent graduate of Stanford University with advanced certification in EFT from the Sophia School of Living Arts, Michael is passionate about helping musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs move beyond their fears and experience creative success.

He is skilled at helping highly sensitive people modify their habits and get the support they need to make a bigger impact in the world.  He specializes in building vocal engagement so that we can have a chance to express our power as singers and communicators. Able to understand the challenges that come up as part of the the creative process, Michael provides strategies that allow you to achieve consistent results and bring more creativity, leadership, and success into you daily life.

Michael Zeligs EFT facilitator based in Sonoma County, California. “I really believe in the power of EFT.  It has helped so many of the people I work with breakthrough persistent blocks and free up more of their energy. Now they have the energy to take action towards creating the world their hearts know is possible. Tapping is my 1st go-to solution for transforming latent talents into daily practice I Tapping to help clients who feel stuck in their lives and careers to become energized, engaged in pursuing their true divine purpose.”

Michael uses EFT for creating a space of empathy and connectedness so that we can nourish and acknowledge the part of ourselves that is afraid of claiming the life we deserve. Using tapping, you are guided to integrate lost parts of yourself and move beyond core issues so that you can step into your practical life’s service and share the light of your inspiration with the world.

For a FREE intro EFT session–  Just choose your contact method below to schedule.

Web: Phone: 415.450.0056 Email: [email protected]

Renee Catherine has been practicing EFT since 2012. She was blown away by the immediate effect of the technique. After experiencing a full on Kundalini activation during one of Sonya Sophia’s workshops at Burning Man 2014 – she was instantly hooked. Since then she has taken 2 Advanced EFT Practitioner training’s with  Sonya Sophia.

Renee is an Ecstatic Sexuality Coach & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator who is passionate about helping people heal from sexual trauma to reconnect with their body, desires, pleasure, and purpose.

“EFT is the most simple, effective, permanent, and gentle practice I have ever used. Through it I went from living a life ruled by my past sexual and emotional trauma to an empowered, creative, on purpose, blissful, and pleasure- filled life! It would be my honor to guide and hold you through that process as well. I believe that this is your birthright”

Renee Catherine, Advanced EFT Practitioner

Renee offers EFT sessions in person in Edmonton, AB, or via Skype.

To book a free 20 minute consultation – email Renee at [email protected]


email: [email protected]

lindsaymerLindsay Loftin is a highly intuitive multi-disciplined healer who is excited to reach the world with EFT and more! She is an Usui Reiki Master, certified and practicing advanced EFT practitioner since 2015, and has 6 years of tarot reading, astrology and natal chart reading, and helping crystal energy healing experience. Lindsay’s specialty is tapping into your innate wisdom to help you open the courage inside of you to pursue your heart’s deepest desires.  Lindsay was diagnosed with PTSD in college and specializes in supporting the healing of: children of alcoholics, rape and assault survivors, past life trauma, codependency, and supporting people finding and activating with passion their life’s divine purpose. She discovered her divine purpose and has since founded the non-profit Mermaids for Clean Water that focuses on educating children and adults on water quality issues in and around Austin, TX using mermaids as educators. Lindsay believes that no matter how wild your dreams your divine duty is to pursue them with your full loving attention. She would love to support you in this journey!

Here is what one client had to say about Lindsay after 9 Skype sessions:

Lindsay is a wonderful guide to have in your life. She embodies and lives the balance of strength and love. She will push you to be your best self and face your challenges, but she will be there with gentleness and compassion along the way. She is not afraid of inner darkness because she knows how to address it, and will show it understanding and compassion. She has helped me to see both the unnecessary burdens that I can let go of and the things that taking responsibility for would help me grow within myself and advance the life I live. She’s a woman on a mission.” – David, Pacific Grove, CA

Linsday offers EFT sessions via Skype or In-Person in Austin, TX

Lindsay Loftin, Advanced EFT Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master

To schedule a session contact Lindsay at 

email: [email protected]

Surya Ritzell is on full time supporting Sonya Sophia’s projects for the past 2 years. His background is a Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker, and taken an Authentic Relating Facilitator Training, and completed an intensive with the Mankind Project.

Over his time with Sonya, Surya has taken a 10-day advanced EFT Practitioner Training and has returned as a Teaching Assitant for two other trainings. Surya has given over a hundred EFT session’s and also facilitates the World Tapping Circle from time to time.

Surya offers EFT sessions via Skype or In-Person in Austin, TX

Surya Ritzell, Advanced EFT Practitioner and Yoga Teacher 500 hour certified 

To schedule a session contact Surya at 

email: [email protected]

Pia specializes at balancing Clinical and Holistic modalities into a healing session. In working with Pia, you receive the benefit of her 9+ years providing psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker combined with training as a Reiki Master, and Certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. She offers sessions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Pia is here as a Love Ambassador and is on a mission to help heal the imbalances on planet Earth. She holds the vision of a world where peace prevails and love is the guide. Where collaboration and unity are the norm, and where fear based greed is the exception. She is a very intuitive and warm hearted, person and her magnetic presence makes it easy to open up and heal even the most long standing traumas. She has an immense capacity to create a safe container, putting all who come to her for support at ease.

She believes in the innate healing power within each individual, and aims to empower this ability within you. With loving care, she will guide you in exploring and processing your deepest pains, yearnings, and dreams. In working with her, she will support you to become more aware, re-frame and heal energies that were previously holding you back from living fully. EFT sessions with Pia guarantee to provide you with a new approach to heal yourself and transform your life in the process.


Newly Diagnosed and Chronic Medical Illness (ex. gastrointestinal concerns, migraines, pre and post surgery, autoimmune dis-eases, chronic pain), Grief and Loss, PTSD, Anxiety and Stress, and Depression, Personal Growth and Transformation, Spiritual Awakening and Crisis, Relationship Concerns

Special Populations Served:

Health Care Professionals and Healers, Subcultural participants (e.g. Burners, musicians, artists, tech), Alternative Relationship Styles (ex. Polyamorous), Men/ Male identified individuals, LGBTQQ, and Chicano/Latino Populations

Pia Litz, LCSW, Holistic Practitioner