Recommended EFT Practitioners

These EFT angels are all certified, exceptionally skilled EFT practitioners trained by Sonya Sophia in The Sophia School of Living Arts.

Receiving a private Tapping session takes the profound healing of EFT to an even deeper level because each practitioner is specifically helping you connect your own dots and process.

Each person listed comes highly recommended by Sonya Sophia herself.

Johna Goldenflame EFT Practitioner World Tapping Circle

Johna Goldenflame

Master EFT Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, & Ordained Minister

In 2005, Johna began working with Sonya Sophia and using EFT as her primary healing modality. She was quickly able to recover from extreme sexual trauma in her childhood and heal her PTDS and addiction to drugs and alcohol. After experiencing radical success with recovery, she knew she had to support others.

Now, Johna specializes in working with mission-driven people who are actively working toward the betterment of society and the environment. Her clients learn to cultivate a connection to their intuition to live bolder, more bliss-filled, creative life paths.

“The need to seek healing and address debilitating emotional and physical pain put me on a path that resulted in cultivating a life that is far more extraordinary than I had ever dared to hope was possible for me. I am living proof that healing is not only possible, but that a path of healing leads to profound joy, freedom, and peace.”


  • Develop your relationship with the divine
  • Strengthen personal power and creativity
  • Develop the ability to manifest goals with ease


  • 2018: Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School
  • 2008: Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica, California
  • 2007-Present: Advanced EFT Practitioner and Teaching Assistant with Sonya Sophia, The Sophia School of Living Arts
  • 2007: Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
  • 2007: Basic & Advanced EFT Practitioner Certifications with Gary Craig, Founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • 2005-Present: Participant in Sonya Sophia’s EFT workshops

Johna works with clients online via Skype or by telephone. The best way to reach her is through email.

Instagram: @johnagoldenflame
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 415-746-9662
Schedule a session:

Mayah HegreEFT Practitioner World Tapping Circle

Mayah Hegre

Master EFT Practitioner, BA, LMT, & Certified Holistic Coach

Mayah Hegre is a master EFT Teacher and Practitioner spreading the magic of EFT in the world. She is deeply passionate about holistic health, self-care, and empowering people on their healing journey.

Mayah has been carefully refining her EFT skills and assisting Sonya Sophia for almost a decade. As former co-owner and director of The Sophia Healing Center, and with 15+ years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Mayah’s background is in promoting peace through health, community activation, and self-love.

Now, Mayah is a master-level healing artist with 20+years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, currently facilitating group EFT circles and private sessions, and teaching meditation, movement, and EFT workshops around California.

Mayah’s patient, loving presence and personal experience with chronic illness make her a wonderful practitioner for those in their most vulnerable times. She has lovingly faced her own challenges with Lupus and uses EFT and the healing arts to help others transmute trauma, pain, fear, and illness.

“Through practicing EFT for the past 8 years, I’ve recovered my physical health, healed the traumas that were piling up without relief for so long, and brought myself back to life. Today, I’m choosing to use my healing gifts to help others move through their trauma and heal their relationships. Now, it’s time to help the world. I can’t think of anything better to do during this time of great change than to help people connect with their meaning and purpose, align with their higher truth, and step out into the world with their full power.”


  • 2016: Master-Level EFT Practitioner, The Sophia School of Living Arts
  • 2002: B.A., San Francisco State University
  • 2002: Holistic Health Certificate, San Francisco State University
  • 2001-2007: Intuition Seminar, Training Alchemy
  • 1999: Clairvoyant Training Minister, Psychic Horizons SF
  • 1998: Licensed Massage Therapist, National Holistic Institute

Intro Special: $95 USD for 1.5hrs

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 415-545-8408

Pia Luz EFT practitioner World Tapping Circle

Pia Luz

Advanced EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, LCSW, & Self-Worth Emissary

Pia Luz is a trilingual licensed therapist, educator, musician, dancer, and visionary healer. She’s on a mission to heal the imbalances on Planet Earth by helping others to claim and build their self-worth.

Through healing her issues with self-worth, Pia was gifted with the embodied experience of knowing all things can truly heal with love. Pia specializes in integrating clinical and holistic modalities into healing sessions for individuals and groups by guiding clients on a journey to their own self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Her clients receive the benefit of her 10-year experience providing psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Through her unique approach to healing, Pia has supported 100s of people in awakening the innate healing powers within themselves, building their self-worth, and transforming their lives. EFT sessions with Pia guarantee to provide you with a new approach to heal yourself and transform your life in the process.

“Start living within the worthiness that is your birthright and finally experience the freedom of deeply loving and accepting yourself!”


  • Newly diagnosed & chronic medical illness (e.g. gastrointestinal concerns, migraines, pre- and post-surgery, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain)
  • Grief & loss
  • PTSD, anxiety & stress, & depression
  • Personal growth & transformation
  • Spiritual awakening & crisis
  • Relationships


  • Healthcare professionals & healers
  • Subcultural participants (e.g. Burners, musicians, artists, tech)
  • Alternative relationship styles (e.g. polyamorous)
  • Men/male-identified individuals
  • LGBTQ2+
  • Chicano/Latino populations


  • 2015: Reiki Master Certificate, Tanya Corona
  • 2015: Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, The Sophia School of Living Arts
  • 2012: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 2011: Post-Master’s Fellowship at UC Berkeley’s Counseling and Psychological Services Center and Social Services
  • 2009: Master’s in Social Work, School of Social Policy and Practice, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2006: B.S in Family Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park

Contact Pia for a free 20-minute discovery session. She offers sessions in English, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 609-682-2893

Magnus Ritzell EFT Practitioner World Tapping CircleMagnus Ritzell

Advanced EFT Practitioner & Yoga Teacher, 500 RYT

“EFT is all about choosing love — this is when the powerful healing begins.”

Magnus Ritzell loves supporting others in bringing understanding into our individual alignments with life. You’ll see him regularly in The World Tapping Circle’s weekly live streams as the EFT facilitator. He’s worked with Sonya Sophia since March 2015. Since then, he completed 8 of Sonya’s EFT Practitioner Trainings, serving as a Teaching Assistant during 7 of them.

In his free time, Magnus loves going to ecstatic dance. He also loves the Shamanic practices of sweat lodges and believes in the power of ceremony.

Magnus is an EFT Practitioner in Austin and runs his own wellness business, Tapping Alignment. He’s led public Tapping circles in Austin and at Festivals around the United States.


  • 2015-2019: Advanced EFT Practitioner, The Sophia School of Living Arts
  • 2015: Trained Facilitator of Authentic Relating Games
  • 2013: 500-RYT, 6-month Yoga Training in Colombia. Magnus was trained as a yoga teacher, energy worker, and meditation instructor within the 4 paths of yoga: Bhakti, Karma, Raja, and Jnana. This training put emphasis on service with humility.
  • 2013: Member of the Mankind Project in Austin

Magnus offers EFT sessions via Skype or in Austin, Texas. To schedule a session, contact Magnus.

Email: [email protected]

Dillon Chik-McNeal EFT Practitioner World Tapping CircleDillon Chik-McNeal

Advanced EFT Practitioner, BSW

Dillon discovered EFT over 10 years ago when he met Sonya Sophia. He instantly fell in love with the results Tapping delivered. While studying materials from Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, he pursued extensive training with The Sophia School of Living Arts.

After graduating from the training, Dillon designed a series of free wellness classes for students at Butte Community College, where he studied social work and behavioral sciences. He’s taught EFT to over 600 students for stress relief, test anxiety, and other survival skills.

Dillon lives and works on an organic, CSA farm supplying natural foods and sustainable farming practices to his local community.

He applies EFT to heal a variety of issues from stress, traumas, PTSD and abuse, to simply cultivating a more peaceful presence and meditative attitude.

“I am passionate about clearing past events that are preventing you from stepping forward in life. I will Tap with you on whatever issues you want to release and help you upgrade your experience of life. I look forward to being your ally!”

Dillon offers EFT sessions in Chico, California or via Skype.

Schedule a session:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 530-680-0399

Jeff Johnson EFT Practitioner World Tapping CircleJeff Johnson

Master EFT Practitioner

Jeff is a life harmonization consultant, specializing in addressing the psych/emotional aspects of wellness as a Master-Level Practitioner and teacher of the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

He’s held EFT certification through the Sophia School of Living Arts since 2012 and currently holds position as both professor and retreat facilitator with their continued training intensives. Jeff also manages a private practice serving clients across 5 continents, with extensive experience working collaboratively in both clinical and retreat/intensive settings with larger organizations, both domestically and internationally.

Jeff has held space as a coach, counselor, healer, speaker, and workshop facilitator at transformational events such as Burning Man, the Lucidity Festival, and the Evoke Passion Project, as well as assisting at personal development organizations, including a mindfulness-based recovery retreat, The New Life Foundation, and the Nam Yang Pugilistic Society, a Shaolin Kung Fu school, both located in Thailand.

All of that is a long expansion for a much simpler statement:

“I’m here to help you step into the highest version of yourself. Shall we?”

Jeff offers EFT sessions via Skype, with a free 30-minute consultation.

Schedule a session:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 775-720-1122

Michael Zeligs EFT Practitioner World Tapping CircleMichael Zeligs

EFT Facilitator

Michael Zeligs is a full-time recording artist, voice teacher, and EFT facilitator based in Sonoma County, California.

As a Stanford University grad with advanced certification in EFT from The Sophia School of Living ArtsMichael is passionate about helping musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs move beyond their fears and experience creative success.

Michael is skilled at helping highly sensitive people modify their habits and get the support they need to make a bigger impact in the world. He specializes in building vocal engagement so that we can express our power as singers and communicators. Able to understand the challenges that come up as part of the creative process, Michael provides strategies that allow you to achieve consistent results and bring more creativity, leadership, and success into your daily life.

Michael uses EFT for creating a space of empathy and connectedness so that we can nourish and acknowledge the part of ourselves that is afraid of claiming the life we deserve. Using Tapping, you’re guided to integrate lost parts of yourself and move beyond core issues so that you can step into your practical life’s service and share the light of your inspiration with the world.

“I really believe in the power of EFT. It has helped so many of the people I work with break through persistent blocks and free up more of their energy. Now they have the energy to take action towards creating the world their hearts know is possible. Tapping is my 1st go-to solution for transforming latent talents into daily practice. I use Tapping to help clients who feel stuck in their lives and careers to become energized and engaged in pursuing their true divine purpose.”

For a FREE intro EFT session, choose your contact method below to schedule.

Phone: 415-450-0056
Email: [email protected]

Harry Werber EFT Practitioner World Tapping CircleHarry Werber

Advanced EFT Practitioner & Life Coach

Harry Werber is the founder of, a site dedicated to helping people live their lives based on passion and purpose. Harry is a technology geek, an adventurer in consciousness, a world-traveler, and an English scholar. Originally from the UK, he now lives with his wife in Seattle.

“As an EFT practitioner and coach I thrive in helping others connect with their inner strength and intuition and I specialize in issues around money, business performance, and public speaking.”

When Harry isn’t tapping, he can often be found walking in the woods, riding his beloved single-speed bike, or playing tennis.

New clients are welcome to book a free 30-minute consultation online.

Twitter: @harrywerber
Schedule a session:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 206-353-7613

Lindsay Loftin EFT Practitioner World Tapping CircleLindsay Loftin

Advanced EFT Practitioner & Usui Reiki Master

Lindsay Loftin is a highly intuitive, multi-disciplined healer. Her specialty is tapping into your innate wisdom to help you open the courage inside of you to pursue your heart’s deepest desires. 

Lindsay became an advanced EFT practitioner through The Sophia School of Living Arts in 2015, and she’s a Reiki Master since 2013. She’s a channel for intuitive healing information, which she disseminates with love. She’s helped people around the world access deeper levels of unconditional love, confidence, and self-respect. She considers herself a facilitator of her client’s self-healing.

Her favorite part of her work is watching people transform their lives with their own free will and increased self-awareness.

Lindsay was diagnosed with PTSD in college and specializes in supporting the healing of children of alcoholics, rape and assault survivors, past-life trauma, codependency, and supporting people finding and activating their life’s divine purpose.

Ultimately, Lindsay sees clients working on a diverse spectrum of healing needs and does not have a focus area, as she believes almost any issues in our lives can be healed with genuine, unconditional self-love. 

“No matter how wild your dreams, your divine duty is to pursue them with your full, loving attention.”

Lindsay offers EFT sessions via phone, video chat, or in-person in Austin, Texas.

Email Lindsay to set up a 2-hour introductory session.

Email: [email protected]

Finn Deerhart EFT Practitioner World Tapping Circle

Finn Deerhart

Advanced EFT Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach

I was born into a strict, Southern, religious home as a minister’s son. I also became a minister when I was 19 years old. I had a mission, but a message that was not my own.

It took me many years to come out of the closet as a gay man, and even more years after that to begin the process of unraveling my core identity to rebuild myself authentically. I’ve struggled and triumphed in many ways because of the significant guides and teachers that I’ve encountered along my journey.

Now, sex and relationships are the lenses through which I’m examining my own life, how I interact with my own deepest wounds, and how my personal vulnerabilities relate to my culture as a whole. I’ve been letting go of what I am not to find what I am. Deeper intimacy with myself is guiding me into healthy relationships and exciting sex that reflects my personal quest for wholeness.

Though I’m no longer a formal minister, I care deeply about how we hold space for healing within ourselves and for others who need connection.

When it comes to relationships, I believe that many of us are working against a monolithic set of conditions with faulty templates. It can seep into every level of our beings — the challenges that we face and how we go about trying to make it all okay.

As we release blame and get really honest with ourselves, healing can occur. Having help in this process of shedding the old and bringing in the new can be tremendous. Transformation requires patience, practice, and a holistic understanding of the individual and relational challenges that you may be facing.

Together, we discover your own clarity. We’ll acquire resources and strategies that you need to create the life and relationships that best support you. As we uncover your personal truths, we also contribute to the collective healing for us all. I bring 14 years combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, sex & intimacy coaching, and personal development.



  • 2019-Present: Sex Counselor, Modern Sex Therapy Institute
  • 2008: BA, Social Anthropology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas
  • 2001: Minister’s Licence, Southwest School of Bible Studies, Austin, Texas

Website & Session Scheduler:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 512-785-4341

Kirsten Elise Young EFT practitioner World Tapping Circle

Kirsten Elise Young

Advanced EFT Practitioner

Kirsten Elise is a deeply empathic, heart-centered, intuitive coach and transformational teacher dedicated to helping her clients take their lives to the next level and expand into their full brilliance. 

“What often keeps us from powerfully moving forward with our dreams and goals are layers upon layers of negative experiences, traumas, limiting beliefs and imprints we’ve collected over our lifetime that hold us back from our highest potential.

I support my clients in clearing anxiety and depression, releasing addictive patterns, healing from sexual trauma, overcoming the effects of PTSD, reconnecting to their intuitive guidance system, and moving through internal limitations to align to their soul’s highest path.

My sessions are intuitively guided with the help of my guides and angels. I support my clients to open to the highest possibilities for their lives to move forward with clarity, grace, and joy.” 

Kirsten also loves facilitating transformational group journeys (online and in person) and teaching Kundalini Yoga. More information about her upcoming offerings can be found on her website. 


  • 2016: Instant Miracle Mystic Certification, San Diego, CA
  • 2015: Ultra High-Frequency Energy Healing Master, San Diego, CA
  • 2015: Life Coaching Certification, San Diego, CA
  • 2015: Instant Miracle Coach Certification, San Diego, CA
  • 2015: Kundalini Yoga Instructor Certification, KRI, Sacramento, CA
  • 2012: Advanced EFT Practitioner Certification, The Sophia School of Living Arts
  • 2012: Reiki Master Certification, Massage Therapy Institute, Davis, CA
  • 2009: EFT Practitioner Certification, San Marcos, Guatemala
  • 2008: Licensed Massage Therapist Certification, Massage Therapy Institute, Davis, CA
  • 2008: Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Meghan Bowen, Davis, CA
  • 2006: B.A in Fine Art, University of California, Santa Cruz

Kirsten Elise offers EFT sessions in person in Davis, California, or over the phone.

Interested in exploring the possibility of working together? You’re invited and encouraged to schedule a complimentary 30-minute clarity session here.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 530-902-3714

Jade Fusco EFT practitioner sophia school of living arts world tapping circleJade Fusco

Advanced EFT Practitioner; Voice Therapy & Sound Healing

I first experienced EFT with Sonya Sophia in 2010 at Burning Man.

It blew me open, and I knew then that it would play a big role in my life as an artist and performer. I felt deeply drawn to the practice of reclaiming my inner dialogue for the development of healthy patterns and challenging myself creatively, and to the possibility, through EFT, of connecting with my family and loved ones in raw, authentic, and honest ways.

Upon moving to Austin in late 2015, I met Sonya Sophia again, and shortly thereafter signed up for her Advanced EFT Practitioner Training to deepen my knowledge and practice of EFT and become certified in the technique.

I have since helped facilitate 5 such EFT training retreats and started my private practice.

My journey using EFT to navigate the relationships in my life has been hugely impactful on my artistic expression, both in form and content. Last year, I wrote and produced an original musical called Art, Sex, Magic — part homage to EFT, and part celebration of how I’ve grown in integrating and combining my gifts as a healing artist, singer, and entertainer.


I love offering EFT sessions for people who are interested in opening up their singing voices (or creative expressions in general), and unlocking and tending to trauma that has compromised our connection with the powerful, healing vibration of our own voices.

I love working with anyone interested in dissolving blocks to their empowered, creative expression.

As a queer woman, I love working with members of the LGBTQIA community on any subject.


Jade offers EFT sessions in person in Austin, Texas, or over the phone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook video.

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary intro phone call here.

Email: [email protected]


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My BURNING MAN 2024 EFT Workshops

👁 Mystic Metamorphosis

Dust off default. Strip down to your INSTINCTUAL Self. Learn to TRUST the ILLUMINATED path before you with new friends who share this POTENT magic!

Monday 8/26 2-4pm

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Get GOOD with your SEXUAL self! Learn EFT, to navigate authentic feelings. Leave LOVING and ACCEPTING your natural sexual self so others can too!

Wednesday: 8/28 2:00-4:00pm

Location: Camp Mystic 2:00@HYPNOTIC

🌎 Tapping Into Tomorrow’s World

Anchor skills for navigating the future with EFT. Come to IGNITE POWER and ALIGN PURPOSE to ENHANCE your ability to THRIVE.

Friday 8/30 1-2pm


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