Intermittent Fasting & EFT

Episode 105 – Intermittent Fasting Stories – Gin Stephens talks to Sonya Sophia

If you want to know how I grew my breasts 3 sizes at age 35, or if you want to lose some weight, have a listen. This may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This episode is pretty personal. There are several things covered, like how healing my relationship with my dad’s porn addiction allowed my breasts to finish developing.

Gin and I talk (and do a Tap, of course) about how to use EFT combined with the life-changing power of intermittent fasting to heal emotional eating patterns and heal your body.

If you want to lose some weight, end cravings, heal body dysmorphia, or just want to get your mind on the same track as your best self’s fitness goals – this podcast will point you in the right direction!


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