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Tori a Positive Head listener, messaged me hours after this came out saying –

I did this while I was at work and it felt so wonderful!

When my coworker came to talk to me, he said I looked like I took an energy bath! Thank you, thank you! So much love!”



It’s vitally important to have high vibe relationships in our lives – but how do we attract them?  By becoming one of course! Here’s a recent podcast I did discuss the importance of finding your high vibe tribe in as many different communities as possible.

We discuss how processing emotions keep you moving forward in health and happiness and is the key to doing well with plant medicines.

This audio also includes the experience of using EFT to clear negative feelings, limiting thoughts and fears from your body. 

Yes, go ahead and try it! You may be pleasantly surprised at how good Tapping makes you feel in just a few minutes.

Join us each week for a fresh Tap at www.worldtappingcircle.com 


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