What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has moved in the past two decades from a fringe therapy to widespread professional acceptance. Here is a 7 min video to help you understand EFT.

Is EFT / Tapping safe?

EFT is safe because it is natural and non-invasive. It is self-paced, so you go at your own speed and work with only what you are ready to address. EFT is safe because there are no artificial chemicals involved. While Tapping, you are using the body’s built-in, natural healing system. It works to enhance your body’s ability to self-correct and create balance on every level.  Although some people may experience uncomfortable sensations while processing and discharging accumulated emotional energy, those sensations are usually short-lived. As you continue to Tap, discomfort will diminish as stress is rapidly released from your nervous system.

Whats EFT Like?

People can experience sudden realizations, lost memories returning or discomfort moving around and out of the body or temporarily feeling quite sleepy. Others may feel “super charged” and full of energy or just instantly better with very little “off gassing”. Occasionally people feel the emotional intensity of their issue rise just before it begins to release. It’s helpful to understand these expressions are a part of a natural healing and energetic cleansing process.

These signs often indicate that things are clearing at a cellular and very deep emotional level. Even though EFT can still be working, some may not feel any of these things happening while Tapping. When you’ve done EFT thoroughly enough on your issue, you may feel lighter, more peaceful, energized, and more emotionally stable afterwards. However, it’s possible for someone to inadvertently experience an adverse physical and/or emotional reaction, which could be perceived as a negative side effect temporarily.

For what issues or symptoms can EFT be used?

EFT can be used for a variety of issues. Licensed, mental health care professionals who are trained in EFT can use it for mental health disorders such as phobias, depression, anxiety, addictions, bereavement, ADHD/ ADD, eating disorders, sexuality, sexual abuse, birth trauma, child abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), childhood trauma, family issues, relationships with mother/father, sexual dysfunction, bed wetting, claustrophobia postpartum depression, learning disabilities, test anxiety, and social anxiety. Licensed medical professionals who are trained in EFT can use it to treat medical conditions such as recovery from surgery, chronic illness, physical pain, pregnancy/fertility and allergies. With professional, non-licensed EFT practitioners who are trained in EFT, you can work on issues like stress relief, positive body image, clearing fears, financial issues, low self-confidence, public speaking anxiety, fear of success or of failure. EFT can be applied to improve performance in any area or to discard religious indoctrination.

How do I get involved with Tapping?

To start off, you may want to watch one of our free videos and Tap along. If you like that, then you can subscribe to The World Tapping Circle. This is an online, weekly *LIVE* Tap led by Sonya Sophia. You also have the option to view our library of archived circles. For more answers on Tapping, check out our Tapping FAQs.  Click here, for information on upcoming, in-person events. Or when you are ready to schedule a session with an EFT Practitioner, we can help connect you.

Does EFT interact with prescription drugs?

You can use EFT, even if you are on medication. It’s possible for EFT to begin to reduce the symptoms for which that medication was prescribed. So please make sure that your doctor checks your dosage often in case it’s possible for your to lower you dosage of medication.

Who can use EFT/ Tapping?

Anyone can Tap: from children right through to the elderly!  Everyone can learn EFT as a self-help tool. At an advanced level, qualified EFT practitioners can also learn to surrogate Tap for others which can work well for animals or infants.

What if I don’t know what my problem is?

EFT may help you eliminate the stress and negative feelings that are coming up for you today, as well as helping you find out what’s behind it.

What happens if I do it wrong?

EFT is very flexible and forgiving and can be done effectively in many ways. The points can be tapped by someone else, or you can TAP in a different order. You can even skip points and it’s still possible for EFT to work well.

Are there any adverse reactions when using EFT?

Yes, while it’s not common, it’s possible to have an adverse reaction when using EFT. People have a wide range of responses. The body has a natural way of releasing or “off-gassing” accumulated stress and trapped energy from within the nervous system. During EFT sessions this off gassing may express as yawning, crying, laughing, tingling, burping, feeling waves of energy or heat coursing through the body.

What are meridians?

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered energy pathways that run through the body like an electrical circuit. The energy that flows through these circuits — also known as qi, chi, or prana — is believed to sustain all life and is responsible for all movement. The pathways that conduct this energy are called meridians. There are twelve principal meridians that are organized in pairs. In each pair, there is a yin and a yang meridian. Each meridian is associated with an organ in the body and has a time of day when it is most active. Six meridians run through the arms, and six through the legs. While each meridian has its own pathway, it is also connected to all the others.

How often do I need to Tap to keep the benefits?

It appears that once you have eliminated the core cause of an issue, then that particular issue tends to stay resolved. It is also true that certain issues can be interrelated. Many people find the benefits of Tapping are so great, that they want to clear all their surrounding issues. With Tapping, it’s possible to clear any lingering discomfort remaining from your personal history and achieve a natural state of personal peace in your life and relationships.

How long is a private EFT session and what is it like?

The length of a private EFT session varies depending on the practitioner you choose. Private sessions are designed to be a time for you to receive targeted, specific help, Tapping on any area of your life. This is an honest conversation with your EFT practitioner who can help you tap to clear and resolve your issue. All private EFT sessions are strictly confidential. Private EFT sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype.

How many sessions of EFT do I need to get results?

While it’s not possible to guarantee any results, in my experience most people experience noticeable improvement within 10 to 30 minutes of beginning to tap. Many basic issues may be resolved in just one session. Some issues may take longer and require several sessions, along with some follow up Tapping which you’ll learn to do on your own. It all depends on the individual.

How do I find an EFT Practitioner?

There are many excellent practitioners whom I have personally trained. I can personally recommend. Here is a list of recommended EFT Practitioners from The Sophia School of Living Arts.

Are you a therapist or other licensed health care professional?

No. I’m not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider and the services I offer are not licensed in the United States. I identify myself as an emotional empath and an EFT Trainer and alternative healer. I have been practicing the healing arts for over 25 years and training people in the use of EFT for the last ten years.

Can I get a private session from you?

Currently, my main focus is on the World Tapping Circle, The Sophia School of Living Arts, live trainings, retreats and speaking events … plus creating more and more ways for humanity to heal.  So for now, I maintain an extremely small and exclusive private EFT practice at premium rates.  Here is the way to contact me about private EFT sessions.  As always, a portion of my practice includes giving EFT sessions away and offering scholarships to those in need. This is a list of recommended EFT Practitioners all of whom I’ve trained.

What if another, bigger, issue comes up during Tapping?

On many occasions, this will be exactly what happens. Continue to Tap and refocus your session by acknowledging what you now suspect as closer to a root cause. You can shift what you’re saying out loud to match this new information.

How is EFT classified as a healing modality?

EFT is a stable and mature method with an extensive evidence base. EFT has significant emotional, spiritual, and physical health benefits. There is a growing amount of scientific research indicating that EFT is an effective, evidence-supported therapy, it has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical and psychological communities. Therefore, EFT may be considered experimental. For more on recent research results and the application of EFT on stress, PTSD and other disorders, find research details at EFT Universestressproject.org.

How can I become an Affiliate & be paid to promote Tapping?

Please visit out Affiliate Centre.  The Affiliate Program is designed to financially reward our Members for sharing the transformational power of the World Tapping Circle. Our program includes beautiful promotional tools, automatic tracking, and creates a residual income.

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