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   Sonya Sophia 

“I want to live in a world where people are happy and healthy.

My contribution is to make inner work fun, and accessible.” 

– Sonya Sophia

Smithsonian’s “No Spectators” – The Art of Burning Man – 2018

Sonya Sophia is a revolutionary leader in the field of Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as EFT or “Tapping”. Her mission is to help humanity heal. She puts her spiritual wisdom and gifts as an empath into helping shape global culture by supporting, cultural creatives, visionaries, artists, and philanthropists to become more aligned, creative, self empowered and loving.

She is a master of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts. She has over 30 years experience in the healing arts and has given over 66,000 private EFT sessions, working with people from below the poverty line to supporting some of the worlds most prestigious and wealthy families.

Sonya Sophia is the host and the creator the World Tapping Circle.

Sonya Sophia has taught 35,000 at Burning Man

Sonya Sophia is included in this inspirational film produced by Sharon Stone.

She is featured with some of the most important and influential women in the world.  FEMME stars Sharon Stone, and features interviews with Whoopi Goldberg, Marianne Williamson, Vandana Shiva, Seane Corn, and Sue Morter.

It is currently in 5 languages & counting.

Sonya’s work inspired the Goddess Project currently in 5 languages & counting.

 Premier of Film ‘3 Magic Words’ – Dec 21, 2012 – London, UK

Sonya Sophia Leading EFT in India – Pyramid Valley 2017 

A Healing art that Helps Shape Culture 

Burning Man – 2018

Sonya sees that culture follows art – thus she puts her heart and soul into helping shape global culture by helping the world’s artists, visionaries, and thought leaders become more aligned, stable, loving and grounded in their ability to provide, beauty, truth, and inspiration for us all!

Leading EFT at Burning Man where crowds of “cultural creatives” gather to tap it out together is one of Sonya Sophia’s happiest moments.

EFT Workshops at Burning Man  – Red Lightning 

“Burning Man. I was there. Sitting in the sunshine Tapping my little heart out releasing it all, breaking it open, falling in love with myself and the world around me all over again. I’ve experienced hundreds of modalities and nothing has touched me in the way working with you in that workshop did.” Fran R.

Burning Man – Star Star Roadhouse

Sonya has been teaching at Burning Man since 2008 supporting 300-500 people daily in her transformational EFT workshops. She has led over 35,000 people at Burning Man since 2008.

Tapping at Burning Man



“The woman who took care of me had accidentally abused me for years. It was a different kind of abuse. It wasn’t physical or sexual. It wasn’t verbal or neglect. It was subtle. It was abuse covered up with love…” Read More…


Episode 65: Tapping into Sonya Sophia

Training Others to Help Humanity Heal

EFT Practitioner Training

Team Love

Leading Tapping – Amsterdam

Teaching EFT Internationally

Sonya Sophia has lead EFT workshops and Practitioner Trainings in England, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, India, Canada and all over the U.S.

She is on fire to share the potency of EFT with people all over the world. As a workshop leader and guest speaker at conferences and expos, Sonya Sophia has brought the power of EFT to people since 2005.

No Mind Festival 2018 – Sweden

A Revolutionary New Way to Tap

In 2008 Sonya Sophia invented a new way of using EFT she called the ‘EFT Circle’. Her innovation suddenly allowed individuals, each with differing issues, to all successfully use EFT on unrelated topics in the same group setting. Previously, people were only able to form groups that were topic specific to Tapping. This allowed her to help more people heal in increasingly larger groups.

The EFT Circle format was instantly made popular when an article she wrote describing how practitioners could use it, was published by the founder of EFT,  Gary Craig.  Soon after, the world’s leading expert on epigenetics and EFT research, Dr Dawson Church – author of the “Genie in your Genes” also published Sonya’s article on his website. See original article on Gary Craig’s EmoFree website and on Dawson Church’s  EFT Universe

Sonya Sophia Hosts The World Tapping Circle

The World Tapping Circle is Born

Sonya wasn’t satisfied yet; she wanted to help bring healing to humanity! She needed an unlimited sized room to meet in. She wanted to remove obstacles around time, privacy and expense! Too many people were suffering needlessly with issues that could be rapidly resolved with EFT.

She was on a mission!

Two years later, Sonya had raised $250,000 to take her EFT Circle format into what has now become a weekly EFT session called The World Tapping Circle.

The World Tapping Circle is a livestream broadcast every Monday evening to help a growing populace of open-minded people to process emotions, heal their hearts and move past their pasts!

Love notes from the Circle

“My income doubled, and I met the love of my life…Thanks for the videos! My family has noticed the difference, and my Mom is so proud!” – Julie

“The World Tapping Circle keeps me alive & well in a very stressful job environment” – Pia

“Having the world tapping circle is a huge gift! I can see my life transforming, and I FEEL BETTER THAN I EVER HAVE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.” – Karter

“You keep evolving yourself and us. It is a priceless gift being part of the Tapping Circle” –  it has changed my life and will continue to do so.” – Terry

“You kept saying exactly what I was thinking! Wow, it was all so amazing and expansive! Thank youuuuuuuuuu!” – Nicole

“I feel soft, peaceful reassurance in my goodness omg! Something I’ve wanted forever! What a gift all this is!” – Marchessa

“I feel a buzz. I feel a part of something brighter, bigger and larger.” – Arriana

Partnering with World Changers

Sonya Sophia has partnered up with others who like herself, are devoted to making the world a better place!

Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum


Sonya Sophia with Dawson Church, author of The Genie in Your Genes and creator of EFT Universe

Dawson Church, Ph.D., Author of “The Genie in your Genes” & EFT Researcher

Bruce Lipton. Ph.D., scientist & Author of “The biology of Belief”

What People Say About Sonya Sophia and Her Work

“The most phenomenal experience of my life!”

“I had neck issues for years. Tapping cleared up the issues 100%.” – Alysia B. Texas

“I can actually physically feel many patterns falling away. I feel more at home and confident in my body this morning than I have in a long, long time. After one night of tapping! I feel like I just learned magic!” – Natalie G. Texas

“Working with Sonya has been the single most emotionally-maturing step I have ever taken in my life.” – Jeff R. – California

“What a transformative night!! Already did my tapping sequence twice this morning. Ready to take on the world and receive from the universe. Thank you so much.” – Michael B. Canada

“I just forgave myself! Been working on that for 43 years! Wish I could give you all the money I gave my therapists! You have given me the tool I needed to return to my kids, my husband, my granddaughters, my sisters, and all my family. I cannot say enough about how much better I am. Thank you!” – Noni S. – Texas

“Thank you for teaching me this gift of EFT. It’s transforming the way I support women to birth their babies, and giving them a new tool as they enter motherhood. I’m watching them use it to empower themselves, and my heart is bursting.” – Mandy A. Nevada

“3 years ago before I began tapping, I cried for hours daily.  I was constantly in a triggered state. I feel so proud of myself for rewiring my own thoughts and emotions with EFT. My life isn’t perfect, but now I can absolutely handle anything that comes my way!”  – Tammy V.  New York

“BIG revelation! I had no idea that my inability to allow success came from my child hood trauma!! Obrigada!” – Camilla M.  Brazil

“I struggled with agoraphobia due to post-traumatic stress. I couldn’t handle a knock at my door, the phone ringing, or just being with my thoughts since I was young.  Then it worsened as I got older and poor experiences accumulated, justifying my misery.  Since being introduced to EFT 3 years ago, my life started to change for the better. Now I am a Certified Practitioner. I have Lots of old triggers, no charge. Just “huh, that used to scare the heck out of me, or feel weird or sad or awkward…” I sometimes say, out loud, “Thank You”, and give myself loving compassion for what I have endured.  I went to the mall recently and couldn’t believe how I was not only withstanding all the stimulation but I was actually enjoying myself.  I interacted with the human race on a whole other level! I used to get dizzy and freeze, not even able to speak! I owe my life to EFT  – because with out it  I grew ever so close to ending it. Since the EFT training with Sonya Sophia, I have the ability to pay my respects to my old beliefs about myself with out letting them take me over. Each day I am getting clearer. This is RADICAL ! Thank you Miss Sonya and my new loving family, best experience of my life. Bring on the NEW!”
Micha J. – California 


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