How Doing Our Inner Work is an Act of Supreme Rebellion

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First comes self-evolution, next comes world revolution. Your activism efforts won’t gain the traction you seek until you change the stories in your DNA. Doing our inner work is an act of supreme rebellion. 

You say you want a revolution. You make the signs, you march in the streets, you live and breathe to see the changes you’re fighting for. But what happens when your voice trembles, your energy wanes, or your tenacious hope begins to fade?

It’s time to set your sights on an INNER revolution: to rewrite what the voices of our ancestors are still saying through us—consciously or not.

Every parent passes many of their own thoughts and feelings down to their children (even if they don’t realize it).

This includes those gender, racial, and ethnic biases and “cultural norms” practiced, widely accepted, and even mandated during their formative years. 

Such biases have been brought to light in the last decade and scientifically validated to be the core cause of much suffering. But sadly, that doesn’t mean those schools of thought have been globally outgrown. 

The emerging field of epigenetics has been hard at work proving that we all carry a genetic memory; the egg that became you (which was in your mom while she was inside of her mom) carries information that affects how you may react now. Yes, it sounds crazy, right? But get this: you may be reacting subconsciously to your grandmother’s experiences!

So here you are, 60 years since your mom was born, locked up in old subconscious programming that you don’t agree with. You can feel how ridiculous it sounds as it spills out of your mouth, you can feel it turn your stomach while you nod in agreement to an idea, for example, that people are just all that way . . . and yet . . . you find yourself unable to change this deeply conditioned response. 

There’s gotta be a way out of this knee-jerk response, but why does it take so much work? 

Thoughts like: I want to change the world, but I’m afraid I won’t make enough money doing it.

Fears like: If I leave this unhealthy relationship, no one else will ever love me. 

Feelings like: If I’m not perfect, no one will like me. 

We all have some ingrained “rule” that keeps us locked in cages of our own creation. Most of the time, these rules aren’t keeping us safe; they’re keeping us small, tight, anxious, and depressed. You can make yourself as small as an ant, but the struggle is still there, making you grind your teeth at night. 

If we don’t change these old beliefs, these rules disguised as safety, our culture (made up of people with old patterns of conditioning) continues to march in step to the group agreement.

This leaves us to act like the previous generations taught us to—this unawareness allows fear-driven biases to keep the power in the hands of those who are still responding to their grandparents’ and parents’ belief systems. 

And so the cycle continues, and true equality is not reached.  

Until we rebel against it, that is.

I want to help change the world, but…

Thoughts like this lead us to accept toxic products, strive for useless, debt-inducing degrees, and stay stuck in dead-end jobs with zero connection with our passion or purpose. 

Our world stays in this old rut until it meets enough rebels who say, “NO. I want to change the world, so I WILL change it. And I will keep trying until I succeed. My life is here to sustain life and nourish life, and because life wants to live, my mission WILL sustain me.” 

If I leave this unhealthy relationship, no one else will ever love me.

Fears like this become huge acts of rebellion when they are healed by processing out the trauma caused by generations of sexual abuse, emotional neglect, and the effects of narcissism. 

You then say “I am leaving this relationship because I love myself.” And you’ll mean it and do it. 

Dear rebel, as you decide to truly love and take care of yourself, you’ll hear yourself say, “No one will ever be allowed to emotionally or physically abuse me again. I’m worthy of LOVE.” 

Not only do you win your self-respect back with this direct action, but you’ll liberate your peers through your example. Yep, one more victory for the LOVE rebellion! 

If I’m not perfect, no one will like me.

This belief makes us afraid—afraid to be seen, to let our voices be heard. This fear keeps us from letting our inner truth guide our decisions. It bullies us into doing what we imagine will get the most approval from others. 

But with radical self-acceptance comes authentic, unwavering confidence. “If I’m not perfect, no one will like me” becomes “I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I’m good enough for ME.”

This confidence leads to a grounded yet bold feeling of self-empowerment that helps to fortify you and sets a trend for the next generation to step into their true essence as emotionally secure sovereign beings who stand up for themselves and do what they know is right, true, and good. 

Radical self-acceptance inspires the collective to like and follow YOU. 

This, dear reader, is how self-evolution fuels the revolution. 

But how do you shed years of cultural conditioning? How can you truly shift it?

This is what EFT Tapping helps us achieve. By using your own two hands to tap on your acupuncture meridians, you can quickly access your subconscious fears, dump that baggage, and free your body. And a free ME = a free WE. 

Yeah, it takes a little work. But who wants to schlepp that crap around for another 30 years? 

Once you see what’s been camping out in your cells and been encoded in your DNA (probably for many generations), you can rewrite the story—you can teach your DNA what you believe is really, actually good, right, and TRUE. And your DNA will listen.

You are capable of radical self-love with this easy method that’s been sitting in the palm of your hands all along.

  Watch this video to learn more about the life-changing tool called EFT Tapping.

Learning to love and heal yourself is the ultimate act of rebellion. This ends the darkness of a society driven by false appearances and greedy consumerism, and turns it into a society based on what YOU decide is good, useful, loving, and wise. 

So go ahead and change the world . . . by dissolving your depression and challenging your fears. 

Use every freaking tool you have to center, calm, and steady yourself again and again. 

I will be there by your side, fanning the flames of love and fueling your focus 24/7.  

I will be there helping you heal your heart and tap into love so you can stay strong in your activism and move the movement forward. 

Because this is our world and these are our people. And together we are creating a happy, healthy world together!

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