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Sonya Sophia is a master Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) trainer and the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts and The World Tapping Circle. Sonya has led packed workshops, retreats, and Advanced EFT Practitioner Trainings in England, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Canada, and all across the US.

With 28 years of experience in the healing arts, Sonya Sophia has devoted her life to empowering people. She guides her EFT students to rapidly heal unresolved issues and clear generations of conditioning from mind and body through a positive, potent, and visceral experience of real-time transformation.

Bringing wisdom, unconditional love, laughter, and life-changing release to people around the globe, Sonya Sophia continues her mission to support the healing of humanity.

Sonya Sophia has introduced the miracle of EFT to ever-expanding audiences through her weekly interactive live stream event, the World Tapping Circle, at guest speaking engagements such as the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference, International Alchemy Conference, and the Conscious Life Expo, and through her vast library of online courses in The Sophia School of Living Arts.

Additionally, as an outreach to help artists and young people find peace, power, and healing, Sonya Sophia has led over 25,000 people through EFT Tapping at festivals like Burning Man.

Sonya Sophia serves so that all may achieve wholeness and activate their true Divine Purpose — creating heaven on earth together.

Sonya Sophia leads EFT for thousands at Burning Man

Sonya Sophia’s Journey

Sonya Sophia

In earlier days, my life — the endless routine, the aching emptiness, and the flatness of my relationships — made me want to quit everything. The constant work of raising a child, paying bills, making meals, and perpetual housekeeping, all while striving to help everyone else, drove me to suicidal thoughts. There must be more to life than this. I thought. And if there’s not, I don’t think I want to live anymore.

I had been depressed for years. Ever since high school, my back and neck seemed to always hurt. I was out of shape, pale, pasty, tired, and overwhelmed most of the time. I pretended I was okay, but I was not. I was insecure, severely self-critical, constantly nervous, and judging others and myself.

To top it off, sex held no appeal for me because I felt frigid and dead inside. I wept easily and nearly every day. I felt disconnected from any real friends, totally miserable inside, and I desperately wanted out. Cigarettes were my nightly friend and had been for years. I ate sporadically and drank to settle my nerves.

Young Sonya in Salt Lake City, Utah

Finally, in my pain and desperation, I was willing to try what I feared most. I had nothing left to lose. I began to crack myself open, to be honest with myself.

I found people who would listen to my story and lovingly challenge my fundamental fears, anxieties, and insecurities — my subconscious operating system. I spoke of my grief and rage, choosing to face my internal pile of refuse that was suffocating me to death.

From early on as a child, I’d been very sensitive, keenly aware of others’ emotional states. Even though my gifts were openly discussed, and even supported to a certain degree in my home, I was still afraid of them as a young woman.

I was addicted to holding on to anger and hurt with my parents, to my fear, to childhood issues and abuses. Being raised in a very strict Mormon household left me with deep feelings of guilt and imperfection. I clung to grief about past lovers and hurts around my school experiences. I was in a constant state of fear and despair about my life, which caused me to furtively search for acceptance in the faces of others. Yet, I was sure I’d never see it there.

When I committed to weekly sessions with peer counselors through Re-evaluation Counseling, my mind began to relax and change. These people regularly agreed to spend small amounts of time with me, keeping my perfect and whole nature in their minds and hearts as I wailed, ranted, and sobbed. They intentionally contradicted my deepest distresses with kind and loving attention while they simultaneously taught me how to do the same for others.

Then I discovered the value of movement.

I began attending a local dance experience in my town. It was a weekly free-form ecstatic dance based on Gabriel Roth’s 5 Rhythms. Here was a community of people who, as far as I could tell, met with the sole purpose of giving everyone in the room a safe, loving place to be themselves through movement.  In that softly lit space, we could all move freely to a variety of fun, uplifting dance music. This was a place where people could be themselves in whatever state they were actually in!

At first I was terrified, resisting the dance for a full year after it started. Finally a blessed friend took me, promising to dance with me the whole time if he must. What I saw there changed me forever. I saw regular people playing, crying, shaking, dancing, loving, and sweating like their lives depended on it! As my life continued to get a little easier, I gradually made the dance a regular part of my new diet. I was having fun. My body became stronger, more expressive, and more alive. I was happier.

Through the dance community, I heard about yoga. I started attending once a week with another mom. My yoga practice showed me where in my body I held myself too rigidly. Since I was very new to “being in” my body, it helped me develop my physical attention. I naturally and innocently began to feel my chakras (energy centers) opening, so I began to focus attention on them as well.

My yoga practice opened up more feelings — the ones wrapped around my bones and embedded in my joints.

Sonya Sophia in Austin, Texas

I cried, I laughed, I cussed. My body image began to change, and I felt better about myself than I had before, learning to surrender through my discomfort.

With help and guidance, I taught myself to go to my growth edge, learning to trust and listen to my increasingly wise and sacred body.

Somewhere between ecstatic dance and yoga, I learned to BREATHE. Of course, at first I was resistant to this as well. It was as if some part of me knew that if I quit holding my breath, the last stronghold of resistance would vanish. I was right.

On that wondrous day, I was resting on the floor next to a friend after a particularly vigorous dance. Our pinky fingers were barely touching each other as we lay there settling down. I wanted to heave a huge sigh of relief and pleasure for the dance we had both shared. My body felt so alive and tingly, but I was afraid to breathe deeply. I was breathing in my usual way, as shallowly and quietly as possible. So I asked myself, Why am I so afraid to let the sigh come? The answer came: Then someone else would know you are feeling something. So I asked myself, Then what would happen? The answer came: Then I would know that I am feeling something. This sent a shock of electrical light and truth through my veins. I heaved my huge sigh and wept out loud as joy mingled with fear moved through my body.

That moment was a turning point for me. Then and there, I promised — for my own life’s sake and for my daughter’s — that I would do whatever it took to live authentically. I decided to be real… At least, with myself. That, of course, led me to be more authentic and transparent with others. These vows led me to explore meditation, to discover energy healing modalities, massage, and nutrition, to consume volumes and volumes of self-help books, and attend a plethora of workshops. Most importantly, I developed my own personal relationship with what I could only call Spirit.

As I became more fully myself, I instinctively began to share what I was learning to help others like me.

Now, I am devoted to serving those who learned to shut down, hold back, and hang on. I’ve noticed that even though it sometimes feels as if it might kill me or ruin my life to open up and face myself, it actually does just the opposite! My life is now full of intimate, loving, honest relationships.

My body is a pleasure to live in, as it has become welcoming and beautiful to me. My life purpose is continuously being fulfilled. My daughter is mature, physically and emotionally healthy, and is deeply connected to herself and the earth. My grateful heart is regularly joyous and overflowing with love. My tears are more often tears of joy. Now, I see myself in everyone. My experience of life is from a full-bodied, very creative, alive, and sacred place.

Sonya at the International Alchemy Conference in Los Angles, CaliforniaThrough 28 years of stubborn persistence, I’ve gained some incredibly useful, life-enhancing tools. I’ve learned to trust and honor my wise, beautiful body and to let feelings move as they occur.

I feel peaceful and useful on a daily basis. My favorite quantum healing technique, EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, has demonstrably helped hundreds of thousands of people.

During the years I’ve worked with EFT, I’ve become highly attuned to my own intuition and inner guidance. By learning to act spontaneously upon my natural impulses with ever-deepening trust, I’ve become a leader in the consciousness movement.

I’m serving as an adept supporter for hundreds of thousands who are undergoing the same self-exploration and transformation that I’ve experienced.

I vowed a long time ago that if I survived my own inner struggles, I would return support to others… To make the way easier than it had been for me. These days, I witness miracles for a living — what a blessing! I love my work, and my love is received and returned daily.

By remembering and connecting deeply with my true nature, it is instinctual for me to reach out to help others become more alive, healthy, and whole. For, in truth, this is who we really are.

My intent is to live my life in service, calling forth truth, courage, and the presence of Love that is within all of us. May we continue to love and support ourselves and each other, to naturally relieve suffering and awaken the loving Spirit that is within us, for the benefit of all beings.

In Loving Service, Sonya Sophia


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