May Amsterdam Workshops

SACRED SEXUALITY - THURSDAY 14 MAY 13:00 - 16:00 IN CENTRAL AMSTERDAM Karthuizerstraat 157, 1015 LP, Amsterdam Connect your Soul to your Sex life with Emotional Freedom Techniques. Together, we will clear out limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that have kept...

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Trust – Allowing Life to Unfold

  Notes from the Journey: The Gift of Trust   Tap along with this video to move beyond mistrust and judgement and release blocks to love and healthy relationship.          For more about EFT / Tapping, feel free to explore ...

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How I Grew my Breasts with Tapping

I got the idea from a woman named Seannon who came to my EFT circles in Austin, Texas.  When she decided to Tap for breast enhancement, I thought it sounded like fun. At the time I was  focused on Tapping for world peace, global climate change and the healing for all...

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DRAFT for June – WTC Sampler

      Please, enjoy this sample of The World Tapping Circle.                                                    .                                                    . Once you have had a chance to Tap along, and discover for yourself what a typical...

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Recommended EFT Practitioners

“I invite you to try this powerful technique. Given your full effort and concentration, I promise you, the miraculous will occur. We are here to shine, to play, and to create. Let's quickly and powerfully move you into a place where that is your day-to-day reality.“...

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OLD Notes

There is a reason why not very many people choose to really GO FOR IT!! When you do, everything that contradicts that dream and desire comes up to be healed. That can be in the form of fear of technology or success, concerns about what others will think of you, esp....

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