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JGCropBI invite you to try this powerful technique. Given your full effort and concentration, I promise you, the miraculous will occur. We are here to shine, to play, and to create. Let’s quickly and powerfully move you into a place where that is your day-to-day reality.“

During the past decade, Johna has applied EFT to her own personal healing journey. She became an EFT Practitioner in 2007 and has since completed numerous trainings and certifications with EFT Universe and Sonya Sophia through The Sophia School of Living Arts. Her expertise focuses on women’s issues, releasing depression, healing trauma from sexual and physical violence as well as general emotional and creative support. Johna supports mothers and young people in their teens to early 30’s, helping them navigate even the unconventional life paths.

Her mission is to provide a safe environment as she assists others in cultivating strength, beauty and personal power. She offers EFT sessions in person in the San Francisco area or via Skype.

Johna Goldenflame, Advanced EFT Practitioner
San Francisco, CA

Web site:                  

To schedule a session:

Email:                                 [email protected]

Phone:                               415-746-9662



By practicing EFT for the past eight years, I’ve recovered my physical health, healed the traumas that had been piling up without relief for so long, and brought myself back to life. Today, I’m choosing to use my healing gifts to help others move through their trauma and heal their relationships. Now, it’s time to help the world. I can’t think of anything better to do during this time of great change than to help people connect with their meaning and purpose, align with their higher truth and step out into the world with their full power.”

Bringing 12 years experience as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and 17 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Mayah is one of the recommended Advanced EFT Practitioners with The Sophia School of Living Arts. She offers EFT sessions in person in the San Francisco area or via Skype.

Even with all her education and training, Mayah found herself burned out with managing a Healing Center and dealing with a Lupus flare that knocked her to her knees. When she had the opportunity to attend an EFT workshop at the Sophia Healing Center, she knew it was meant to be. Mayah says one of her wisest choices was to participate and learn Tapping with Sonya Sophia, because that experience changed her life. EFT helped her heal her traumatic past, her chronic illness and her relationships with family. Her goal now is to help others transform their experiences of abuse and chronic illness into a powerful love story of wellness. Mayah loves to help others move into alignment, as she has, with what their soul’s purpose truly is.

Mayah Hegre, BA, LMT and Certified Holistic Health Coach
San Francisco, CA

Web site:                   

To schedule a session:

Email:                                  [email protected]

Phone:                                 415-946-9475


DMCropBI am passionate about clearing past events that are preventing you from stepping forward in life. I will Tap with you on whatever issues you want to release and help you upgrade your experience of Life. I look forward to being your ally!”

Dillon McNeal discovered EFT six years ago when he met Sonya Sophia. He instantly fell in love with the results Tapping delivered. While studying material from Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, he pursued extensive training with The Sophia School of Living Arts. Dillon designed a series of free wellness classes for students at Butte Community College. He has taught EFT to over 600 students for stress relief, test anxiety and other survival skills. He lives and works on an organic, CSA farm supplying natural foods and sustainable farming practices to his local community.

Dillon has applied EFT to healing a variety of issues from stress, traumas, PTSD and abuse to simply cultivating a more peaceful presence and meditative attitude. He offers EFT sessions in person in Chico, California or via Skype.

Dillon McNeal, Advanced EFT Practitioner
Chico, CA


To schedule a session:

Email:                                  [email protected]

Phone:                                 530-680-0399



I love Tapping because of its simplicity and rapid effect on the bodies and minds of my clients. With this tool, I easily liberate myself from outdated images and beliefs that stand in the way of personal greatness. I have used Tapping to clear religious abuse and to process physical pain and emotional angst.”

Finn Deerhart, Advanced EFT Practitioner in Austin, Texas, has 8 years of experience. He successfully completed EFT training with Sonya Sophia and The Sophia School of Living Arts. Finn has applied Tapping to help himself and others process old mental and physical clutter masquerading as reality.

He uses EFT in his coaching to help clients learn the practice of Tapping to heal relationships, create new emotional patterns and anchor new lifestyle changes.

Finn Deerhart, Holistic Life Coach and Personal Trainer

Austin, Texas

Web site:                   

To schedule a session:

Email:                                  [email protected]

Phone:                                 512-785-4341





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