How I Grew my Breasts with Tapping

angel-heartI got the idea from a woman named Seannon who came to my EFT circles in Austin, Texas.  When she decided to Tap for breast enhancement, I thought it sounded like fun. At the time I was  focused on Tapping for world peace, global climate change and the healing for all people in the world, so a physical change like that was not high on my priority list. However, as she began showing her visible results, I got interested enough to focus some EFT attention on my bust line as well.

I asked Seannon about her protocol. She outlined for me how she was Tapping 3 times a day for about 10 minutes on a short list of life upgrades, including her breast size and growing her already long hair, faster. So I made my own short list, adding larger breasts to it.  Tapping for larger breasts really opened up some old stuff for me!  This was not what I expected, and I can’t say it was pleasant. Yet the final results were liberating.

I discovered an unconscious belief that only larger women could have full breasts. This was the case in my family, and I had been telling myself this was the reason that the “Breast Fairy” had skipped me while endowing my Mom and sister so generously.  Then I found an old fear arising about what had happened to them: unwanted sexual attention from men and boys as early as 5th grade, early menstrual periods, traumatizing sexual abuse, backaches, and cutting bra straps. I Tapped on my fear for myself and my grief for them.

I Tapped on how I had been teased mercilessly about my breasts being like two small BB’s on a bread board, I was teased that I didn’t need a bra, just two Band-Aids. I Tapped on a date rape at age 14, and on subsequent unwanted sexual attention. I Tapped on fear of abusing my sexual power with my new breasts. I Tapped on being able to maintain my innocent connection to the sacred while feeling my natural, mature sexuality.

I Tapped about my Dad’s porno collection of big-breasted women which was on display at his apartment while I was growing up. I also Tapped on the meanings I had made about myself, my Mom, other women AND men.  I Tapped on issues about my father’s lust toward my pubescent girlfriends who developed earlier than I did. I Tapped on a former partner being a “breast man” when I was not very buxom. I Tapped on anger, fear, shame, embarrassment, “not good enough” messages  and on getting fat.

I found I had many reasons to have smaller breasts, including what I’d been told happens to a woman’s breasts after nursing a baby like I did. My Mom never nursed us and my belief was her breasts were useless, heavy, painful sex objects that just got her in trouble. I Tapped on and on… daily for several weeks, but only for a few moments in each round.  I wouldn’t give this subject too much attention because it felt vain, selfish and unimportant… and frankly, I wasn’t sure it would really work anyway.  So I Tapped on the doubt, disbelief and all those beliefs too!

After a few weeks of this, I could feel my breasts becoming tender, as if I were pre-menstrual. I knew that it was my cycle, yet my breasts stayed tender, warm and sometimes tingly. This went on for about three months.  I noticed that I was becoming uncomfortable in my bras, so off I went bra shopping. Then I remembered I hadn’t bought bras since just after I learned EFT about three years before!

I actually introduced EFT to my sister while we were driving to the mall to buy a new bra for me. My breasts went through a growth spurt back then too, but I didn’t relate it to the Tapping.  What I did notice about that original growth spurt was that it had to do with finally feeling like a grown woman for the first time and proclaiming this over and over to my friends.  I was finally feeling grown up at age 37.

Before I learned EFT, I just barely filled out a B cup, and had been quite embarrassed by this. In fact, I was between an A and a B cup size, and neither fit well. I now fill out DD cup fully and it suits me perfectly!  I notice I am wearing more low-cut blouses lately, not to get men’s attention, but to marvel at my lovely new cleavage, a soft and unexpected view that I just got recently.

It is just like the Palace of Possibilities says, “Tap for your “yeah but’s”, “what if’’s”, fears, doubts and old memories. Then watch your beautiful new cleavage smiling up at you!



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