Winter of Wellness – free event

    I'm so very honored to invite you to join me and a list of world class natural healing experts to a free online health summit by the SHIFT Network called the Winter of Wellness. My contribution will be aired January 18, 2019 11am to 11:30am US Central...

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Tapping Through Fear

I asked our positive head audience what they needed help with, and this (one of my favorite Tap along audios for releasing fear and getting your peace back) is what happened.   Processing feelings with EFT actually change your brain chemistry, boosts your immune...

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High Vibe Tribe – podcast

    Tori a Positive Head listener, messaged me hours after this came out saying - "I did this while I was at work and it felt so wonderful! When my coworker came to talk to me, he said I looked like I took an energy bath! Thank you, thank you! So much love!"...

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4 Survival Tips for Burning Man 2018

--- 1. Avoid taking unnecessary emotional baggage with you This video is about how to turn potential freakouts into a whole new level of freedom.  Just 15 minutes now could save you hours or even days of dusty melodrama at the Burn. Woohoo! --- 2. Go deep if you want...

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Art Shapes Culture

People are my art projects and healing is my art form. I chose consciousness because every other medium I tried was too impermanent. And yes so are we, but consciousness is self-replicating. And so I go to the desert every year to help curate, evolve and nurture the...

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Love like you’ve never been hurt

The longing for true intimacy. The need to be known, touched and loved. These needs are real yet we tend to settle for less or minimize these needs. We tell ourselves we tried and it didn’t work out, or that the good ones are already taken. I have my dog you say, or I...

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Burners Breathing Love – Podcast

  What really happened in the desert? John Halcyon of Pink Hearts and Arash from the Burner Podcast chat about Burning Man 2017-  the art, the events and the evolution of the Burner community as a whole. Burning Man bikes, Radical Ritual and other miscellaneous...

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Psychic Emails and Tapping into Change

    On this episode I help Brandon Beachum answer a question from a listener who has a big challenge with her living situation. I also conduct an EFT taping session to help you deal with the topic of CHANGE....

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