Inner Beauty Creates Outer Beauty

123Does it ever seem like, no matter what you wear, what new product you buy, what you do or what others tell you, you never really feel beautiful enough? Beauty is a feeling and a state of being more than it is a look. How would you like to experience your beauty in a way that neither other people nor time could ever take away from you? How would it be to carry yourself with a graceful lightness of being, greeting the world with a steady, confidant gaze and radiantly healthy body?


EFT, commonly known as Tapping, is a simple, self-applied, time saving inner beauty treatment. When you Tap, you are cleaning out your “inner closet” of heavy, emotional baggage and old worn-out limiting beliefs. Tapping is a meridian-based, self-generated healing modality, which includes a compassionate dialogue with yourself. By gently, percussively Tapping certain acupressure points on your body, while breathing and speaking out loud to yourself, you can physically and emotionally release anxiety, pain and insecurity. It sounds crazy, I know, and yet it works! The results are powerful, profound and long lasting. Tapping works extremely fast for removing emotional baggage; just think of it as an emotional detox combined with a facelift from the inside out. Tapping may quickly become your favorite beauty treatment for many reasons.


Tapping seems to reverse the biological process of aging, by wiping anxiety and fear off of your face, relaxing your eyes and eliminating that nervous, pinched expression from your mouth. It replaces the artificial smile we’ve all been trained to generate with your warm, authentic smile. Your genuine smile lights up your whole face instantly! When your nervous system relaxes, it automatically generates more attractive facial expressions and pairs it with creative and enjoyable conversations! Beauty is as beauty does!


Here’s How it Works Chemically

Oxytocin is a hormone your brain produces when you are happy and at peace. Curiously enough, the things we do when we are happy and at peace, produce more oxytocin such as singing, humming, dancing, hugging, cuddling, kissing, and making love. Oxytocin is the same chemical that we produce when falling in love and that women produce when giving birth, while breast-feeding and during orgasm.


More about Oxytocin:

Oxytocin blocks the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Prolonged exposure to cortisol — caused emotional states like worry, fear and anger — is often the Number 1 precursor to disease. Stress literally destroys and ages our bodies by blocking new cells from replicating, blocking the intake of nutrients and slowing down the excretion of toxins and debris from your cells.

Oxytocin, the life-giving, relaxing chemical we all want to increase, will enhance your vitality and prolong your life. A fresh dose of Oxytocin stops the “fight or flight” fear response of adrenaline. This little “love hormone” restores a more youthful glow generated from inside all of your cells. Practicing emotional hygiene through Tapping helps you look better and feel much better physically almost instantly.



Did you know these facts about Oxytocin?

  • Improves your sleep
  • Allows your mind to function more clearly
  •  Increases sensations of love & pleasure
  •  Eases digestive processes
  • Eliminates toxins out of your body
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Helps new cells generate
  • Builds feelings of curiosity and trust


How do I get more of this stuff? Tapping is a fast way to get a quick hit of oxytocin flowing through you, and you can keep it flowing every day!

Tapping increases your body’s daily production of oxytocin, which also increases your physical resilience to environmental toxins and stress. As Tapping increases oxytocin production, it helps boost your first line of defense, your immune system. The body knows how to relax, heal and rejuvenate itself… given the opportunity and support. Tapping gives you the opportunity to create and sustain a lasting state of true inner beauty.


For support in getting more oxytocin flowing, join the World Tapping Circle.

Click here, to learn more about EFT/ Tapping.


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