World Tapping Parties

World Tapping Parties – An Unexpected Outcome

By now you may have already heard that the World Tapping Circle broadcasts a live, interactive EFT Circle to the world every Monday. It’s possible you know that each Circle contains a plug-n- play, 60 min. EFT session and these are archived into a Video Library giving you 24-hour access to Tapping support.  An affordable high quality, self-administered EFT session is now available to you and the world!


A delightful surprise for me has been seeing how many people are choosing to host Tapping Parties! It first started in the test phase when some young people from Belgium decided to try Tapping with us as a group. Although only one person per Membership can take the live survey form and only that name appears in the live Chat, each person Tapping along still received the relief they needed. All reported excellent results and a deepening of their bonds as friends.

As Tappers we know that sharing the benefits of Tapping is something we all want to do and sometimes struggle with, especially for those we feel most invested in seeing heal. This unexpected outcome makes the World Tapping Circle an easy, accessible option for families, groups and communities.

Each week people already familiar with EFT are creatively using their memberships to introduce Tapping to friends and family. They’re taking advantage of this easy way to uplift and inspire others by connecting them in a shared experience of Tapping. Imagine the relief you could receive by not having to be the one to explain or lead it.

Here are two more brief accounts of what we are seeing happen, one of which is very personal to me as an EFT practitioner (and the host of the World Tapping Circle).


Case Study 1: The Family  


Because I broadcast this event from home, I need space and quiet time for a couple of hours prior to holding space for so many others. This means my husband graciously chooses to go somewhere else, leaving me to my meditations and preparations. For this magic week, he chose to go to my sister’s place. She happened to have my daughter and another friend over for dinner. He was committed to attending the Circle, and offered to use another room. Everyone decided to join in and participate. So for that evening, because he chooses to be a “flagrant Tapper”, four people deeply released many layers of pain and emotional exhaustion. What a blessing — knowing my family members, who may have resisted confronting that level of emotional intensity from me in person, were able to do so at this spontaneous Tapping party. Each was free to say whatever was needed during the session with no pressure from me.


Case Study 2: Multi-Generation WTC Party.

Here is a brief account from Diann, a devoted Tapping Circle member.  


You can picture this scene. I am all set up in the family room with the house all to myself. I had set up all the wires and connections so I could see Sonya on the big screen TV. I was Ready to TAP!!

Enter Stage Right – My roommate arrives, with her 20 something friend plus her 13 year old grandson and his teenage friend. They are just returning from video games and a summer action movie. So my idea of a private, in-depth Tapping experience on the big screen was out the window! The boys both asked what I was watching. I told them how cool Tapping is, and how I used EFT to cure my insomnia. To my surprise, rather than wanting their video games or trying it for 5 minutes before moving on to other activities, they both sat down and watched and TAPPED!!

We all Tapped, a totally spontaneous World Tapping Circle party, in front of the big screen TV — 3 generations Tapping together. Both teenagers actually sat through the 60-minute Tap without mocking or distracting. After the Circle was done, they immediately came up with three ways they could use Tapping, everything from problems with a bully to how to release being nervous around girls to performing better in school and at sports. The younger woman, who was completely new to EFT, commented, “Well, I was just using this to stop biting my nails; sounds like I need to go after bigger fish next week.”


Here’s more feedback about the wonderful results of “Tapping Parties” from Hannah, a lovely young artist from Austin, Texas.  We had an EFT party at my house! Four of us set up a comfy area with lots of pillows and Tapped along with the video. Sharing our experiences with one another after the Circle was really fun as it gave us a way to truly connect while uplifting our spirits. After the Circle, we all felt lighter and much more alive.”




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