Taking Tapping to the People

Notes from the Journey

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I am packing my bags and taking Tapping

to the people for my annual tour.


This year’s theme is the “World Tapping Tour 2014”.  My first stop is Burning Man where I’m leading seven EFT workshops, and the following week at The Center SF in San Francisco for an EFT weekend. Then we finish up with our EFT Intensive Retreats near Napa in Fairfield, California. I will also be broadcasting the World Tapping Circle *live* every Monday from the road. It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. This is work well worth doing. 

As an extroverted introvert, this is challenging for me. To fulfill my Divine Purpose, it is necessary to go out into the world and connect in person. To satisfy myself as a soul, I want to be sure that this message of Love is being delivered and understood. I promised myself years ago that if I survived my own inner transformation, I would go back and put up a hand rail for others to find the path.  As a good Girl Scout, I learned to clear the path for others, stopping to pick up branches that were blocking the way, forging streams and then pausing to build a bridge for those who are about to cross the very same stream. Yet by nature I am more of a recluse, preferring quiet time for meditation and contemplation. For me it’s always a bit of a struggle. Hopefully this year I strike an even better balance with improved self care and a strong support team. 


In the last few days, I have received several emails telling me that the seeds that I’ve planted over the last five tours are now bearing fruit – sweet, delicious and life-affirming Love. 


A young woman who came to me last year during the tour, who was in an abusive, codependent relationship was able to Tap her way into the courage she needed to leave, do her inner healing work and then reunite. She was one of the first to join the World Tapping Circle, and I just received this message from her.


“My life has transformed completely!! After my relationship break, we came back together and built solid support and a loving relationship. The arguments stopped, and my man has become an amazing father. Tapping has been so good for us. Our family Taps all the time and life is good again.”

K. Wise, San Francisco


And today’s message is a direct result of the EFT workshops I offered last year at Burning Man.


“This is an incredible tool for self healing! Sonya Sophia is one of the major reasons I am looking forward to my Burn this year. Her gift of guided healing work is the greatest gift I can give myself and my unborn baby!” 

E. Lee, Los Angeles


It is messages like these that keep me going and make all the traveling across the continent worth it. I can go to sleep tonight knowing there are two babies whose mothers are wise enough to use the tools I brought them. Because of this, the trajectory of their lives is greatly improved. 


What is the value of one human being?  


Please remember you can beam in and Tap with me at anytime through the World Tapping Circle. Join me on tour from wherever you are. I hope to connect with you, one way or another, on the journey.  Below you will find the list of events. 


In Love and Service,


Sonya Sophia





Click the links below for details on “The World Tapping Tour 2014

and each of these upcoming events: 


EFT Intensive Retreats

Fairfield, CA, Nov. 3rd – 12th and Nov. 14th to 22nd


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