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You may not realize it but self-esteem is something that you earn from yourself!
The more we do things that we would respect others for doing the more self-respect and self-esteem we earn for ourselves!

Sadly most all of us do things at some point, that we are not proud of and sometimes these things become habitual. This can really really erode our self-esteem in the long-run.

For some of us it’s about how we take care of our bodies, for others it’s about how we choose to numb ourselves with substances, TV, food, work, or even crazy making relationships.

I created this video to help get you past these habits so that you can free flow from here on!

Tapping is a powerful way to dissolve habits, whether its memories of pain you are trying to avoid or memories of pleasure that you’re hooked on trying to reproduce.

Tap with me now to move from a perpetual state of subconscious habits into a state of continuios FREEDOM and CHOICE.

In Love and Service,
Sonya Sophia

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