Video: Curing Cravings

Do you ever get a feeling… a voice orCuring Cravings! image in your head that makes you indulge in a CRAVING? Do you ever find yourself caving in and regretting it… resolving not to partake again …and then judging yourself later when you do?

Did you know that when an urge hits you that you can actually Tap for a moment and diffuse the desire?

Tap as you tune into a “craving” to gain release from the compulsion. Then you will have freedom and choice to do something more interesting.

Tap along with me during “Curing Cravings to help release your subconscious desires and fixations, so you can more easily side step “the old habit” with out having to over exert your will power all the time.

Hundreds of thousands have used EFT to clear patterns of over eating, over working, over spending, smoking, drinking and even sexual addictions.



I invite you to Tap while you feel into a old chronic craving that you would like to be free of…. and watch what happens.


Here’s to all of us going beyond our old patterns!!!



In love and Service,

Sonya Sophia & TEAM LOVE

P.S. If you would like more quality Tapping time – we meet up here every week and tap the BEJEEBUS out of whatever we want to heal!


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