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Why does it matter if you judge yourself or attack yourself mentally?
Because every cell in your body is getting chemical messages from glands in your brain with with every thought you think! The main gland responsible for serving up chemical “cocktails”  is called the hypothalamus. 

Your hypothalamus is your brain’s master control center for brain  chemistry. It also controls your pituitary gland, particularly in response to stress thoughts.

The hypothalamus
The hypothalamus helps regulate your..

  • Body temperature
  • Childbirth
  • Emotions
  • Growth
  • Milk production
  • Salt and water balance
  • Sleep
  • Weight
  • Appetite



The hypothalamus also controls your pituitary gland which in turn controls your…

  • Adrenal glands
  • Ovaries Testes
  • Thyroid gland

 Good News!!! Now you can instantly change your brain chemistry using EFT.

Here is a Mini Tap to help you cultivate more loving thoughts, happier brain chemistry and healthier you!

Tapping for a few minutes preemptively or right when you notice the “your inner critic” acting up, releases naturally uplifting neuropeptides (small protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other).

Use EFT to create chemical messages of inner peace that you can immediately feel circulating in your body.

Play with with Tapping to clean up old “self attack thoughts” and enjoy a more quiet and spacious mind!

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