Doing What’s Difficult

Doing What's Difficult - PhotoDo you know that WE ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE?
You pain is all our pain… and your willingness to transform it helps heal us all and makes it easier for us all to courageously move forward.

We all are contributing to the FIELD for better or worse- so lets make it easier for ourselves and everyone else by moving our own resistance out of the way.

Here is another mini Tap to help you release resistance to doing something you think might be difficult. Use this video to gain traction and get yourself moving forward again! This will help you gain more ease and flow in any areas you focus it on.

How would you like to Take your Tapping experience to the next level? Join us a potent community of LOVE called The World Tapping Circle. You will learn how to rapidly regenerate your self and emerge stronger and brighter after every experience.

“At first I was skeptical that Taping online could give me the healing I needed, but once chose to attend each week, something really shifted. With the ability to be totally real (because I could show up in any state) and through witnessing Team Love and other participants working through layers of similar patterns, I started feeling compelled to do more. Next I committed to using the replay videos as often as possible, and BOOM more noticeable changes took hold. All the inner work is finally paying off! I used to vacillate between drowning and keeping my head above water, and now I’m scuba diving!”
Suzi Stanford – Los Angeles, CA.

“Last night’s circle was amazing! Thank you so very much. It always leaves me feeling inspired, uplifted with gratitude and purpose. I’m excited for what’s to come. And because of the transformations into finding my divine path and because of the love and support from my new eft family, I know I can heal, and continue to grow. I am becoming the woman I was intended to be.”
Joan Westing – London, UK.


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