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Sonya Sophia is a Master Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Trainer with 28 years of experience in the healing arts. She is the founder of the Sophia School of living Arts. She has packed workshops and led retreats internationally in England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and all over the US from New York to California.

Devoting her life to empowering people to tap into self love and forgiveness, she expertly guides her students in rapidly healing unresolved issues and clearing conditioning from mind and body.

Sonya Sophia gives people a positive, potent, visceral and authentic experience of real-time transformation. Bringing wisdom, unconditional love, laughter and life-changing releases to students and viewers worldwide, she continues her mission to support the healing of humanity.

In an outreach to help young people find peace, power and healing, Sonya Sophia leads workshops for hundreds at a time at festivals like Burning Man – where she has helped over 21,000 people learn EFT since 2005. As a guest speaker at the International Alchemy Conference, Leaders Causing Leaders Conference and the Conscious Life Expo, she’s brought the miracle of Tapping to ever expanding audiences and viewers.

She offers in person and online classes, EFT Practitioner Training, and leads an online, interactive, weekly, live-stream EFT experience called ‘The World Tapping Circle’.

She serves so that all may achieve wholeness and activate their true Divine Purpose – thus creating heaven on earth together.

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About 2000 people a year learn EFT at Red Lightning Camp with Sonya Sophia

Each year 3,000 people learn EFT at Red Lightning Camp during Burning Man with Sonya Sophia



Leading EFT in London 2015

Leading EFT in London 2015











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