The World Tapping Circle

Online Courses

EFT Mini Course

3.5-hr. intro course


EFT Chakra Sweep

A powerful 7-part series to help you activate and clear each of your Chakras.

$99 (or 2 payments of $49.50)

Love & Relationships EFT Course

This 3-part EFT series will open and rejuvenate your heart and make love so much easier!

Learn to LOVE like you’ve never been hurt.


Beginning – Intermediate EFT Course

♥ 30+ hours of inspiring video & cutting edge science

♥ 3 live stream classes with Sonya Sophia

♥ 1-year membership to The World Tapping Circle

$375 (or 6 payments of $62.50)

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Money & Prosperity EFT Course

3-part workshop series

Learn to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to clean out memories of financial stress and undo inherited poverty consciousness.

Leave with a new ability to attract more money and opportunity.


Month of Money

4-part webinar series (5 hours)

Focused Taps to improve your finances, success, purpose & manifestation abilities.  Plus, a new 75-min. webinar available each week for a month.


EFT Practitioner Training with Sonya Sophia in Spain

Advanced EFT Practitioner Training

✓ 10-day Advanced Training on the coast of Spain (all-inclusive)

Beginner-Intermediate Online EFT Training (with live stream classes)

✓ 1-year membership to The World Tapping Circle

✓ EFT certification & training materials from The Sophia School of Living Arts

$3,900 (payment plans available)

More about Fall 2019 Training in Almeria, Spain >>


Downloadable Audio

Tapping Into Relationships and Sexuality ($9.99) Tapping Into Money and Prosperity ($9.99)
Tapping Into Completion ($9.99) Thriving Now ($9.99)
Activating Divine Purpose ($9.99)