We’re so excited that your Tapping Party is about to begin! Here are the videos you need to get the party going. It’s important to show these two videos to guests before the World Tapping Circle begins. Follow these steps:

1 – Online Sign In

First, be sure that all guests have completed the Online Sign in and Release Form prior to arriving at your home.


2- Share the Welcome Video

Please show this video to all guests at every Tapping Party. It lets people know what to expect, covers the agreements and reminds people to sign in.

3- Share What You Need to Know About Tapping – EFT 

Please show this video for any first time Tappers or anyone who wants a refresh on the basics. It let’s people know what to expect from Tapping and reviews the Tapping points.

4- Show them the Tapping Points

5- Now That You’ve Completed the videos, it’s a great time to:

• Remind your guests to complete the Online Sign In Form (if they have forgotten):

• Pass out the Core Causes Worksheets, a pen and something hard to write on.

6- Next, Cue Up The World Tapping Circle Video

• LIVE VIDEO: log in as usual, and play for your guests
• A VIEDO FROM THE LIBRARY: log in to the Video Library and select a REPLAY video of your choice. Remember that any video can be used for any topic.

7- Post Tap – Get Feed Back

• Send this link out to your tapping party so we can see how it went! 
• We love being apart of your tapping party :D


–> Please pull up your Tapping Party Kit email which includes the links to printable downloads and more resources for your party.