Tapping Parties

share the Circle with Friends – In Person
Our desire is to Help Humanity Heal.  let us help you bring your friends together, to TAP and TRANSFORM the WORLD!

WTCPartySceneYou are welcome to share your membership with others by GATHERING TOGETHER your friends & community to tap with the World Tapping Circle. Harness the power of shared healing!

Affiliates who host Tapping Parties have more opportunities to share EFT in person and showcase the power of Tapping in a group environment.

Tapping Parties are held by World Tapping Circle members and are an fun way to introduce people to Tapping, before they’ve even signed up for the free month (via your affiliate link).

If you are not yet a Member then sign up here.

Please fill out the application provided at the bottom of this page, to get you ready to activate your community and friends by hosting tapping parties!

    I understand and will follow the Tapping Party Guidelines:

     To Read the Full Release (terms & conditions) Click Here

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