World Tapping Circle FAQs

How can i become an Affiliate for the World Tapping Circle & be paid to promote tapping? Please visit out Affiliate Centre.  The Affiliate Program is designed to financially reward our Members for sharing the transformational power of the World Tapping Circle. Our program includes beautiful promotional tools, automatic tracking, and creates a residual income.


Can I share my World Tapping Circle membership? Yes! Please Tap in person with your family and invite friends over to share the Circle. If you’re a member, you can register to Host a Tapping Party. We have a Tapping Party Kit to make it EASY. Encourage your friends and family to get their own memberships. Check out our Affiliate Program that pays you a 30% commission for Memberships you help to inspire! We’d like YOU to share your experience of Tapping to help bring healing to humanity.


How do I find out more about EFT / Tapping?

For general information about EFT, you can read through the EFT Q&A page. For details on upcoming events, sample videos and more, browse through


I’m a member of the World Tapping Circle (WTC) – Where can I go if I have technical issues? Connect with us at [email protected]. Before contacting us, please see if we’ve already answered your questions below, or on our EFT Q&A.   


How do I log in for the World Tapping Circle *live* each week?

1. As soon as you purchase the World Tapping Circle, & each subsequent Monday night (@9pm CST), you’ll receive an email from [email protected] titled: ‘Login to World Tapping Circle’

2. Click the green button titled: ‘Login to Circle’

NOTE: If this email is not visible in your inbox – check for it in your spam/promotions folder & drag it into your inbox. Please add [email protected] to your contacts to receive these important emails.

Use the newest version of FireFox or Chrome.


I signed up, but never got my link to log into the live Circle, WHY? Please check for it in your spam/promotions folder & drag it into your inbox. Then add [email protected] to your contacts to receive these important emails. If the email isn’t there, contact: [email protected]


What if I arrive in the *live* Circle early? If you are early, there will be a countdown showing how long until we begin. If your counter is not moving, simply refresh the page and it will show you the time left before the World Tapping Circle starts.


What happens if I need to leave the Circle early? That’s okay – simply close your browser window. You will automatically be logged out. You can go back later, via the video library in your Member Area to finish your Tapping session. Note: If possible, we do recommend staying until the end of each Circle to receive maximum benefits.


How do I navigate the *live* Tapping Circle each week? First, you will see a video embedded on the page with an image of Sonya Sophia speaking. Double click the image to make it full screen. 

On the right hand side of the page, there are several functions to explore:

Chat: Sonya will ask for feedback from the group during each Circle. This may include general information such as where you are joining us from, or questions about what you are experiencing. Sonya Sophia requests that during the Tapping portion, people keep chatting to a minimum so that we can all focus more on the Tapping.

Attendees: This tab will show you a list of all the new friends from around the world who are joining us in the Tapping Circle.

Pop Ins:  Towards the beginning of each Circle, you will be directed to a “Core Causes Questionnaire”, which is a LIVE  survey to help you get underneath your issue and Tap at a much deeper level. To locate the questionnaire, look for a button appearing on the right side of the video, labeled Core Causes Questions. Click it and take the survey (all answers are anonymous)  PDF Printable version HERE


What time is the World Tapping Circle?

 ❤️ E V E R Y   M O N D A Y  ~ LIVE for 1 hour ❤️
9:00pm EST (New York)
8:00pm CST (Texas)
7:00pm MST (Utah)
6:00pm PST (California)
6:30am India (Tuesday)
9:00am Indonesia (Tuesday)
10:00am Japan (Tuesday)
11:00am Sydney, Australia (Tuesday)
1:00pm New Zealand (Tuesday)
To find the time in other time zones, use this link

Remember you can tap 24/7 in the World Tapping Circle Members’ Area.


What if I miss the live Tapping Circle?

You’ll be emailed a live video replay of the circle, with all the chat – so it’s just like being there!  You still have access 24 hours a day to your World Tapping Circle Members’ Area.  Here you’ll find the Video Library of 200+ hours of replay videos. So even if you don’t use the live aspect of the World Tapping Circle you can always receive tremendous benefit, by Tapping along at the time which is best for you.


How do I use a Replay Video in the Members Area Video Library?

  1. Log in to your World Tapping Circle Members’ Area.
  2. Select Video Library from the drop down menu on the top right. 
  3. Next choose which video you’d like to Tap along with.  The most recent videos will appear first.  Or click on a category (Healthy/Body, Relationship/Change) which suits your issue.  You can also click “Surprise Me” for a selection of our favorites!


Is Tapping / EFT safe? EFT is safe because it is natural and non-invasive. It is self-paced, so you go at your own speed and work with only what you are ready to address. EFT is safe because there are no artificial chemicals involved. While Tapping, you are using the body’s built-in, natural healing system. It works to enhance your body’s ability to self-correct and create balance on every level.  Although some people may experience uncomfortable sensations while processing and discharging accumulated emotional energy, those sensations are usually short-lived. As you continue to Tap, discomfort will diminish as stress is rapidly released.


What are these strange new sensations I’m feeling in my body? People have a wide range of physical responses to the release of stored stress through Tapping. Our bodies have a natural way of excess energy that’s been trapped inside the nervous system. While you’re Tapping, your “off-gassing” this accumulated stress, and it may show up as laughing, tingling, yawning, burping, crying or feeling waves of energy or heat moving through your body. You might feel very sleepy suddenly, get a jolt of super-charged energy, have a sudden realization or notice some form of temporary discomfort moving around and out of your body. These are all NORMAL, HEALTHY RESPONSES to Tapping. Simply keep Breathing, RELAXING and TAPPING! It’s also common not to feel much of anything. (This does not mean EFT isn’t working). It just means you are processing in a different way. Sensations may vary from session to session and from person to person.


What if I start feeling overwhelmed, emotionally or physically, while Tapping? The best thing to do is slow down, BREATHE, and notice precisely what your experience is in that moment. Breathe deeply and slowly. KEEP TAPPING and simply accept your experience exactly as it is occurring. You might want to stop saying any words and just accept the experience you are having for a few moments.For example, as you’re Tapping, if you are becoming more and more upset, slow down the whole process. Say out loud, “Even though I am feeling really upset, I accept this upset feeling for now.” If you begin to feel an uncomfortable body sensation (like a headache is beginning as you’re Tapping), allow yourself to notice and feel it. Accept the discomfort. Breathe and relax towards the discomfort with compassion. The acceptance and empathy you generate will help move the energy that is causing the discomfort out.


What do I do if I begin to remember things I had previously blocked out? It is not uncommon to gain access to forgotten incidents. Continue to Tap and breathe as any details become clearer to you. It can be useful to try to slow the memory down, much like a movie playing in slow motion. Tap through the experience, frame by frame. Sometimes simply acknowledging and saying out loud whatever you’re remembering about what happened will be enough to counteract any troubling emotions entangled within that memory. It may be necessary to devote an entire Tapping session, or several, to a specific incident. Private sessions with a quality EFT Practitioner are beneficial for this because they can be specifically tailored to your memory.


What if I don’t get all the way through my original issue during the Circle?

You have 4 options, depending on your level of intensity:

  1. Use the Video Library after the circle to continue healing.
  2. Bring it back to the Circle next week and keep going.
  3. Schedule a private EFT session with a practitioner.
  4. Work on it by Tapping on your own.


What if another, deeper issue comes up during my Tapping? On many occasions, this will be exactly what happens. Continue to Tap and refocus your session by acknowledging what you now suspect as the root cause. You can shift what you’re saying out loud to match this new information.


How can I change or update my payment information? Log into your Members Area for the World Tapping Circle by clicking the large “Membership Area” button in the top right corner of the main screen. ENTER your username and password. Find the My Account button. Follow the prompts. Fill out all the fields with updated information. 


How do I cancel my WTC subscription? To cancel your WTC membership, email [email protected] at least 3 business days before your next payment date. Your next payment date can be found in your Members Area by clicking “My Account” and then “Subscriptions and Payment Plans”.


For general support or questions, email us at [email protected].