Tapping into Lasting Love


  Over the last decade of Tapping with people who were either looking for love or trying to heal their relationships, I’ve discovered that clearing our relationship template is absolutely crucial for healthy love to last.


What is your relationship template? It’s the living collection of memories and beliefs about love, dating, marriage and sex. It’s what was modeled by the people who raised you. It may be Mom’s exact words of “never trust a man” or your Dad telling you, “Women are trouble”. Many of these pronouncements you innocently took as law. Your relationship template is also all the unspoken feelings and implied truth that you picked up about relationships as a child, including things that you heard as true when your parents argued. Perhaps you felt their pain around separation or witnessed them struggle for power with each other. 


Until you understand how your own expectations about relationships are the examples your parents or guardians set, you may still be unwittingly displaying similar tendencies and following their trajectory.


To understand exactly what I mean, just answer these three questions. 


  • What was your Mother’s primary belief about love?
  • What was your Father’s primary belief about love?
  • Have you been living out either of those two realities?


If you have not, I have one more question for you.

Have you feared going through what they went though and gone to the opposite extreme to avoid it?


Sadly for many people the answer is YES. Most people simply try to change their partners, not realizing that if they just rewrote their own subconscious scripts then the rest would have to shift. The power of belief runs so deeply, and works so well, that we usually get what we secretly believe is true. Even if what we believe is the opposite of what we truly desire.


What do we do about this?

Luckily we have the tool of Tapping to erase old relationship templates and to draw up more sustainable and pleasurable blueprints! 


When you take a little time every week to address your underlying fears and limiting beliefs about love, you will radically improve your experience of love and relationships. Yet it seems so hard to stay focused and committed, right? Well luckily you can use a very inexpensive, online EFT resource called the World Tapping Circle to clear out both your heart and your head. 


And yes, sharing the weekly World Tapping Circles does qualify as an intimate date night (especially when paired with dinner and cuddles afterwards.) Tapping from home, while someone else leads you through examining and clearing out your part of the relationship template, is ideal for conscious people who desire more peace, harmony, long-term happiness and Love.


I recently received this beautiful email from a Scottish EFT practitioner, which inspired this article:


As an EFT Practitioner, I find it really challenging to TAP with my partner about issues that are triggering us both and affecting our relationship. We have recently discovered that sitting together & Tapping along with the World Tapping Circle, (live or on Replay) has really shifted issues, which were previously limiting our love. Thank you so much for this precious resource!”

– Jennifer Norval, Scotland



Try out the World Tapping Circle for a free week.


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