London Tapping Event

 Tap into Passion Purpose and Power on Sunday May 10th 2015 with me! See for details and tickets.

356 Holloway Road London, N7 6PA London, United Kingdom

We all ask ourselves this question in many phases of our lives. Why am I here…? Everyone was sent here with a Passion and a Purpose but some of us spend our entire lives doubting it or searching for it. Do you find yourself being afraid to fully take charge and stand in your Personal Power – afraid and  doubting your Gifts? Is it difficult for you to listen to your Inner Voice? It takes courage to do what you came here to do but this amazing workshop has a unique message for everyone and is highly recommended to do for all who want to give more depth and meaning to their lives and awaken to their Life’s Purpose.

Radio interview with Jess Lewis and UK Health Radio here:


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