Sedona Pure Living Expo

2-HEADER-PLE1I can get you in to the Pure Living Expo this weekend in Sedona for FREE! Promo code: FRIENDSANDFAMILY (for a complimentary GOLD PASS ticket) If you want to upgrade to VIP, use code VIP125 for $125.


Come to the PURE LIVING CONFERENCE & EXPO where I will be presenting July 23-27th. Here is the full Schedual:

Pure Life Expo: Oak Creek Main StageHilton Sedona Resort & Spa, 90 Ridge Trail Drive, Sedona, AZ 86448)

Taping Into Pure Power

FRI AUG 24th: 10:30 am – 30 min Main stage

POWER UP! Purify yourself mentally, emotionally and physically by tapping into to LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

Tap into the HEALING POWER of your body’s electrical circuits with Sonya Sophia – a world class EFT expert.

You will lean the basics of using EFT to transform your capacity to GROW and GLOW.

Get the latest science behind epigenetic medicine as you feel your body respond to rewiring brain.


  • Learn the background & science behind epigenetic medicine & Tapping- EFT
  • Learn the basics of Tapping
  • Practical live Tapping demonstration with entire audience

Tapping Into Inner Beauty & Physical Radiance – 90 min 

Friday, July 24 • 10:30am – 11:00am

Enhance your physical BEAUTY and inner VITALITY as you practice removing ugly thoughts and toxic feelings from your body and mind.

Learn to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and get LOVE hormones pumping with Tapping – EFT.

Let a world class EFT expert guide you through a deep drink of SELF ACCEPTANCE and get a make over from the inside out!

Leave LIGHTER an LIFTED with RENEWED energy levels.

  • Get a practical live experience of Tapping 
  • Learn how EFT works using the body’s electricity
  • Generate Oxytocin the LOVE HORMONE to enhance longevity and beauty

Tapping Into Spirit, Love & Sexuality

 Monday, July 27 • 2.5 hrs  12:00pm – 2:30pm

This is a stand alone workshop which can be attended on its own. Tickets here:

Connect your SOUL to your SEX life with Tapping as Sonya Sophia helps you CLEAR old beliefs &

HEAL things that have kept you from TRUE LOVE and SACRED SEXUAL expression.

Leave with your your HEART more available and your SEX life more SACRED & EMBODIED and JUICY.

Whether you are single or partnered, queer, gay or straight, this workshop will help you to HONOR your SELF & EMBODY SPIRIT more fully.

  • Practical empowering experience of EFT – Tapping
  • Learn to Tap away dysfunction, patterns & old memories
  • Bring love into your sexual body & generate wholeness
  • Get a life enhancing relationship tool to use forever


Get a FREE 5-Day Emotional Detox + 1 Ticket to the World Tapping Circle

Practitioner Training

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