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Many people are under the impression that “what’s done is done,” and that they are permanently damaged from their past relationships or past experiences. They may also feel that EFT looks too strange and seems too “new-agey” to be taken seriously. I have found that among those who are new to EFT, it can be very helpful to do what I call a “pre-tap” to clear some of those doubts and fears from the beginning. This will help your mind relax and accept the new possibility that you can actually heal the past. Use this EFT script to make the going much easier. It can also be helpful if you have been tapping for a while and are finding that your doubt and skepticism is getting in the way.


This is a beginning level script that requires little experience with Tapping, although you should have a basic understanding of where the Tapping Points are located on your body.  This script is designed to help you discover and dissolve some of your underlying patterns on the issue of doubting EFT will help you. Often we limit our success in life by firmly believing that we have all the answers already. Doubt can limit your success in any area of your life, especially healing. The proper frame of mind isn’t to be a “believer.” Keep your skepticism as it is, while you remain open to new insights and possibilities.


Tapping Review

You will be tapping gently on the flow of points described below (approximately 7-10 taps for each point), moving from the setup point (the sore spots on the upper pectoral muscles) to the face points, the torso points, the hand points, and up to the top of your head.  This pattern of points is known as a round of EFT.  You can tap with either or both hands.  When you tap on the hands, you can do one hand first, and then the other.  In this script, I walk you through the points, but when tapping on your own, do not worry about getting them in the perfect order. EFT is a very flexible and forgiving process.

Tap Points Full_color-01-1

As blocked energy starts exiting the body, it can manifest in many different ways. Yawning, laughing, crying, burping, passing gas, queasiness (this is not as common, but may occur especially with extreme blockages) are all natural signs that EFT is working. You may also experience your body temperature increasing or decreasing. I call this phenomenon of releasing stored stress “off-gassing.” Rest assured that any of these physical responses, including not feeling much at all, are all perfectly normal responses. Please honor whatever reactions you are having rather than trying to stifle them. Your body knows how to realign itself.

You may also find yourself spacing out, having distracting thoughts, or having a sudden  overwhelming desire to sleep (especially in cases where disassociation or leaving your body was a coping strategy).   If you are spacing out or feeling sleepy, tap while saying “even though I am spacing out or feeling sleepy and it’s hard to focus, I deeply and completely accept myself.” “Even though a part of me doesn’t want to look at this, I deeply and completely accept myself. It’s safe for me to look at this issue now.” Keep tapping (for several rounds if necessary) until you feel yourself coming back into your body and staying present more easily.

Setting up your Space

Carve out some time for yourself in a quiet place with no interruptions (phone & all screens off; door closed, etc.).  Have a pen and paper ready. The following tapping script is only a guideline. Feel free to add to it or change it to fit your experience more perfectly.

Tapping Script for Doubting EFT Will Help Me:

Check in with any part of you that is skeptical that EFT can work for you. Next, write down the number which represets your level of doubt or skepticisim on a scale from 0-10 (with 10 being the most skeptical). Even if you do not have huge doubts about EFT  please tap along (reading out loud) with this script just to get used to the mechanics of tapping and having a self -healing conversation with different aspects of an issue.

Massaging the sore spot. Note: You will do this once for the setup, and then you will be tapping on the other points for the next rounds. 

Say the following statement several times and breathing slowly and deeply

Even though I doubt tapping will work for me, I’m open to loving and accepting myself anyway.

Tapping 7-10 times gently with either hand on the points below

Round 1

Eyebrow: I doubt that tapping can work for me …

Temple: My issues are too old and deep,

Cheekbone: They won’t just suddenly disappear by tapping on my face!


Under Nose: This doubt… It can’t be that easy!

Under Lips: I’m open to accepting myself doubt and all.


Under Collarbone: Part of me feels permanently damaged…

Sternum: I accept this permanently damaged feeling.


Front of Ribs: Even though I have had these issues for so long

Side of Ribs: I’m open to the possibility of getting some relief now.


Inside of Wrist: This feeling of endless struggle…

Thumb: I’ve tried to heal these issues for so long!


Index Finger: It would be amazing if tapping did anything for me at all

Middle Finger: I’m open to accepting how long I’ve been struggling to heal myself.


Outside of Fourth Finger: Even though I have my doubts that EFT can help me

Little Finger: I’m open to the possibility of getting some deep relief and permanent healing…


Side of Hand: Even though part of me thinks it’s impossible…

Head: I’m allowing myself to stay open to my own healing process.


Check in with your feelings of doubt and see whether the intensity of these feelings have decreased or increased. If your feelings have not decreased significantly, do round 1 several more times before proceeding to round 2.

Round 2

Eyebrow: Even though EFT looks so strange!

Temple: I’m open to loving and accepting myself.

Cheekbone: This fear of being judged…


Under Nose: It looks so stupid!

Under Lips: I’d be really embarrassed if anyone saw me doing it.


Under Collarbone: What would people think of me?!

Sternum: I’m open to loving and accepting myself even with this fear of being embarrassed.


Front of Ribs: I’m open to releasing this fear of being laughed at for tapping…

Side of Ribs: I’m open to the possibility of not caring what others think.


Inside of Wrist: This fear of what others will think of me…

Thumb: This fear of being laughed at or ridiculed


Index Finger: This fear of looking stupid…

Middle Finger: No matter how EFT looks, it’s OK for me to experiment with it.


Outside of Fourth Finger: I love and accept my experimental self!

Little Finger: I’m open to the possibility of using EFT to heal my issues


Side of Hand: I’m open to resolving old feelings deeply and completely.

Head: It’s possible I can learn to use EFT to clear all kinds of things!


Check in again with the intensity of your doubts about using EFT. If they are still fairly high, do round 2 again. Feel free to change some words to make it more relevant to you. Please keep the words short and to the point, and pertaining to your experience. Simple is best.

To end the session, tap all over your body and say loving, supportive statements to yourself for a few moments. If you aren’t used to speaking to yourself like that, imagine what your best friend or a guardian angel might say to you to encourage and support you.

For example:

  • It’s ok to try this out!
  • I am open minded and willing to grow.
  • I am choosing to feel empowered by tapping!


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