Learn EFT & Become a Practitioner

Text about learning eft and choosing to then become a practitioner in The Sophia School of Arts…
EFT Advanced Practitioner Training in Sophia School of Loving Arts

EFT Mini Course

Learn how to Tap in this 3-hour quickstart online course for those new to the Emotional Freedom Techniques.



Includes 1 FREE MONTH of The World Tapping Circle! ($27 value)

Beginner – Intermediate EFT Course

Want to study Tapping or become an EFT Practitioner? Start here with 30+ hours of self-paced, interactive, online learning designed by EFT Master, Sonya Sophia.


$375 (or 6 payments of $62.50)

Includes 1 FREE YEAR of The World Tapping Circle! ($302 value)

10-Day Advanced EFT Practitioner Training

Join this in-depth training led by EFT Master Sonya Sophia. Learn the science of EFT and become a certified facilitator as you heal yourself and your lineage, dance, meditate and bond with tribe.

Fall Training: Oct 18-27 in Almeria, Spain


♥ EFT Training Package – $3,900 3,480 Euro / £2,975 / 37,000 SEK

♥ Returning Students – $2,900 (previous graduates only)

*Payment plans on purchase page

Includes Beginner-Intermediate EFT Course ($375 value) & 1 FREE YEAR of The World Tapping Circle! ($302 value)


Get a FREE 5-Day Emotional Detox + 1 Ticket to the World Tapping Circle

Practitioner Training

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