The Science of How Love Heals

Tapping into Love – The Science of How Love Heals Us

This is an interview with Sonya Sophia (Emotional Freedom Techniques Expert) from the Winter of Wellness Summit about of how molecules of ‘love’ form in our brains and affect our body’s health and well being.


Tap into the science of love, with your own two hands. During this, you will experience how to naturally stimulate your healing capacity at will. 

Learn how to use EFT during a guided  experience which will help your brain Tap into love and release neuro chemicals instantly.


You’ll feel empowered as you experiment with this new life skill which helps you overcome pain and fear, and allows you to successfully deal with issues you face every day. EFT is a life-changing tool for the times.

This interview is part of the Winter of Wellness Summit, a free online event featuring top wellness experts speaking on optimal health for your whole being. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.


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